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simplify onbarding

Introducing HR bundles: Simplify onboarding with our point-and-click system

Try our new white glove system to simplify onboarding and make a positive first impression on your employees In any ...
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seamless onboarding

Improve onboarding and hiring by making it seamless

Healthcare companies are addressing staff shortages by expediting the onboarding process Healthcare employers can't hire and onboard new staff fast ...
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What to Expect in Compliance Training for 2023

What to Expect in Compliance Training in 2023

Here's what's coming down the pipeline for senior care compliance in 2023 For anyone who's spent years in the senior ...
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worker busy on computer

Compliance Training Needs for 2023: Consider it done

What if you never had to worry about compliance training in 2023 for your home health agency or skilled nursing ...
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Stop Harassment sign

Product Spotlight: New Harassment Self-Service Offerings

We are excited to introduce our new Anti-Harassment training offerings. Workplace harassment is a major issue in many organizations. Even ...
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Illustrated building with a money bag to the left and five stars to the right

Value-Based Payments: How Your Agency Can Benefit

Value-based payments (VBPs) are a type of reimbursement model insurance companies use. Under this model, providers are paid based on ...
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Woman frustrated on computer while two coworkers fight in the background

The Impact of Workplace Violence in Your Organization

Workplace violence is a serious issue that can have a devastating impact on employees and organizations. Each year, an average ...
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Home Healthcare Challenges

Home healthcare agencies have a great responsibility: providing quality care for their patients in the comfort of their own homes. ...
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Illustrated healthcare workers carrying cardboard boxes

Caregiver Turnover Costs: How to Avoid It

Data shows that in 2021, the average caregiver turnover rate was 64%. This rate was similar to 2019 and 2020, ...
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