How to Combat the Challenge of Compliance Training in Home Health Care

Post - How to Combat the Challenge of Compliance Training in Home Health Care

Compliance training is an essential part of a home health care organization. Your caregivers deal with patient’s personal health information every day, so it’s important they remain in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations surrounding the sensitive information. This blog will outline best practices for compliance in home health care that will set your organization up for success.

Put an Effective Training Program in Place

First and foremost, you need to make sure all of your caregivers go through a robust compliance training program. Virtual, on-demand training programs allow your caregivers to go through training at their own pace while having access to the support they need when they need it. Partnering with a training provider will reduce administrative burdens on your team. and will allow you to measure results through analytics as well as track progress as your caregivers move through the program. Learn more about how does this by clicking here.

Gamify Compliance Training to Boost Engagement

Who doesn’t love a good game to tap into their competitive side? When you “gamify,” or turn certain elements of compliance training into a game, you’ll see increased engagement and retention among caregivers. When you incorporate multiplayer games that rank players by their scores, you’ll unlock a little bit of a competitive edge among your caregivers to give them the push they need to kick their studying into high gear.

You can use gamification to structure your training based on levels. When a caregiver “passes” one challenge, they can advance to the next to learn new material. Your entire compliance training curriculum does not have to be a game; just add in a few games — or even one game — per topic or level to keep engagement high.

Some examples of educational ways to gamify compliance training include roleplaying, multiple choice quizzes, puzzles, strategy games, and word searches.

Ensure Knowledge Retention Through Quizzes 

Quizzes help students stay on top of what they’re learning, test themselves along the way, and retain what they’re learning. Try to incorporate a quiz at the end of each level or lesson to give your caregivers a way to test themselves on what they’ve just learned. Quizzes also help caregivers retain information by having them recall what they’ve just learned. You can also set a minimum score requirement that must be met before the caregiver can move to the next level to ensure they are moving at a pace that works with them and their learning style. Can Help

Home Care Agencies are struggling with hiring, onboarding, training, and compliance in a remote world. We offer simple and effective solutions and ongoing white glove multilingual support to transform the future of work. Your dedicated Account Manager will handle all of the setup, field questions, and follow-up with caregivers to manage completions and/or required paperwork, so you can remain focused on your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how can revolutionize your home health care compliance training program.

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