Ways to Motivate Staff to Use Online Training

Post - Ways to Motivate Staff to Use Online Training

Online training and development programs can educate employees about new skills or provide updates on existing skills to enhance productivity. However, it is only effective if employees are willing and motivated to use the online learning experience. High-quality employee training programs increase employee engagement. There are three major roadblocks to motivating employees to complete training: 

  1. Lack of Time and Ease of Use

  2. Company Culture Does Not Support Training

  3. Training Does Not Cater to Individual Needs of Employees

Well-trained employees are more likely to stick around and add value to your organization. In this article, we will outline a variety of techniques to help motivate staff to complete their online training! 


The Simpler, The Better

Make it as easy as possible for employees to complete their online training. One of the best training ideas is to offer their training on their mobile devices that they are already using. Find the best online training software that can cater to the needs of your organization. An online learning platform is often the most feasible solution for training users in an organization. showd.me is one LMS provider that offers training solutions that are customizable to fit the needs of your specific organization. You can find more information on what we offer here at showd.me, by requesting a personalized demo


Make the Training Schedule Flexible


Employees should be able to easily fit their online training into their schedules. Having a course outline that can be done on their own time allows them to complete their training when it is most convenient for them. Also, implementing a training calendar makes it easy for employees to stay organized. It can feature important information such as deadlines, as well as provide a general overview of weeks and months ahead so that employees can stay on track to complete the training. 


Stress the Benefits

It is important to tell employees exactly what they will take away from the training. Be clear about the benefits and explain the real world applications. Expressing how the training can improve patient care or customer service can make employees more motivated to participate. Online training should not just be a mandatory activity, it should be a part of the company culture as a whole. If the company embraces online training, then there will be a more positive spin on the overall experience. 


Personalize the Experience

One of the biggest reasons employees do not complete their online training is because they are studying a topic that they have already mastered. If the training is redundant, then employees will be less motivated to complete it. Ask the employees specifically what they need help with and try to pinpoint their training needs to that topic. Also, adding the opportunity for employees to take additional courses to self-study can help spark motivation. Letting employees decide what else they want to learn makes training feel more natural, and keeps them more engaged. 


Final Thoughts

More and more companies are opting to use online training for their employees. It is a much easier and affordable way to deliver learning content to employees. With any situation, it is only as effective as the employees make it. Using the practices outlined above, you can motivate them to embrace the online training opportunity and become excited about practicing new knowledge in the workplace!  

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