Ways Your Skilled Nursing Facility Can Improve Compliance Training

Post - Ways Your Skilled Nursing Facility Can Improve Compliance Training

Compliance training is crucial for employees at skilled nursing facilities. It involves educating your staff about the regulations and policies that are needed for their positions. Compliance training is a necessary legal requirement that all skilled nursing facilities must follow and comply with. However, training courses can still have interesting content, engaging storylines, and interactive learning! Employees need to understand the importance of the training and how it will help them do their jobs better. In this blog, we will share a few ways to improve compliance training in your skilled nursing facility. 

Keep it Short

Typically, training for skilled nursing facility staff is a long, drawn-out session that can take days or even weeks. This often creates employees who are frustrated and just want to get it over with and get back to work. Although there often is a lot of information to cover, it is better to implement shorter training sessions that are embedded in the employee’s regular work day. That way, they don’t feel overwhelmed and/or compelled to complete the training as quickly as possible. This can improve retention and increase engagement.

Make It Interesting

Simply reading documents and manuals is not a good way for employees to learn and retain key information. There should be an investment made in the training courses so that the learning is as relevant and impactful as possible. Another way to make training more interesting is by making it interactive. Watching videos with different scenarios can be much more impactful than reading about a specific topic. And, taking quizzes at the end of each topic ensures that information is retained and understood.

Make the Material Clear and Relevant

Sometimes training can be too complicated, ambiguous or simply confusing. It helps to break down topics into shorter training sessions. Also, training should be offered in multiple languages so each employee can learn in their native tongue. Furthermore, it is important to offer customer support for employees having trouble logging in or completing their training courses.

Online, On-Demand Training

Partnering with an online training provider is an easy way to make sure that employees at your skilled nursing facility stay compliant. It also makes it easy and simple to manage completions. 


showd.me offers a better way to deliver compliance training. Our cloud-based platform enables organizations to train employees online, on their own schedule, and in their native language. We offer a wide range of courses on medical topics such as HIPAA Compliance, OSHA, Resident Rights, Alzheimers and Dementia and customized training solutions. Plus, we provide multilingual training and support to ensure maximum completions. 

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