‘Unparalleled customer service’ for Online Skilled Nursing Compliance Training

Post - ‘Unparalleled customer service’ for Online Skilled Nursing Compliance Training

Staying up-to-date on skilled nursing compliance training is essential to doing business in senior care. But that doesn't make it easy to complete.

With staff shortages, shrinking budgets and all-too-often hectic daily schedules, getting staff to complete skilled nursing compliance training is a constant challenge.

Online skilled nursing compliance training can help your organization stay on top of compliance training. With showd.me, you can also access online onboarding that’s proven to help SNFs expedite hiring.


Skilled Nursing compliance training success for large NY-area SNF

 At Excelsior, a healthcare management firm in the Tri-State area and Florida, showd.me is the preferred training partner. “The biggest benefit of working with showd.me is their personalized service. It’s unparalleled. You do not have that in any other education environment, that I’m aware of,” says Miriam Farkas, regional director of clinical services at Excelsior.

Following are just some of the ways Excelsior uses showd.me’s learning management system:

  • Expedite onboarding. Excelsior has eliminated much of the administrative burden of onboarding with digital forms in an industry with high turnover. Before new employees begin, they can complete forms online seamlessly. 
  • Eliminate digital hurdles. Excelsior employees can access the training they need from any device with a simple, multi language platform.
  • Customized facility-wide orientation program. We produced a customized interactive orientation program for the HR department, including executive interviews. 
  • Branded courses. Nurses, LPNs, CNAs and supporting staff have access to a tracked set of courses to meet state requirements for their annual in-service.
  • High course completion rate.

On-demand online training makes it easier for skilled nursing facilities to meet regulations, level-up employee skills and reduce any risk of non-compliance.


4 Benefits of Online Skilled Nursing Training for Compliance

The skilled nursing industry is constantly evolving. Staff need continuous training to stay on top of the latest technology and methodology. Online training from showd.me makes this easy.


Complete training right from the nurses’ station

A key benefit of an online training platform, like showd.me, is providing employees with 24/7 access to training, from anywhere. Skilled nursing homes are often short staffed, so staff should never be pulled from their station to complete compliance training.


Customized training

It's easy to customize online skilled nursing training. Every facility runs differently, and most have high turnover. Customizable training ensures everyone is always on top of their training obligations.


Multiple languages

Compliance training isn't just a box to check off for CMS. Staff need to understand the content to perform their jobs. This helps reduce confusion while allowing facilities to reach a wider audience without needing additional personnel specializing in certain languages or dialects. showd.me training videos for skilled nursing are offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Creole
  • Russian
  • Cantonese
  • Begali
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Arabic
  • Korean

Subtitles and a transcript on each video also help learners absorb the content in a way that suits them.

Track progress

An online compliance platform, like showd.me, allows skilled nursing facility owners to track employees' progress.  This ensures your team has the skills they need to perform their jobs and you have a record of compliance.

Cut costs

Finally, online training saves time, money and resources compared to in-person training. There’s no need to bring trainers into your facility from outside locations, nor do you have to worry about scheduling training during multiple shifts. New hires can have constant access to the material. 

snf compliance training

Tips to get high completion rates on compliance training

Regardless of the type of training you decide to offer, compliance training is only as effective as your completion rate. This reduces the risk of fines or other penalties and keeps your residents safe.

Create Clear Expectations & Deadlines: Employees must complete skilled nursing compliance training during their shifts. This means setting supervisor expectations and having enough staff on hand to allow staff members to spend time completing training.

Break Up Content Into Smaller Chunks: SNF employees don't have time for hours of training during a shift. With content broken into smaller chunks, it's easier for employees to stay focused and consume the information.

Keep Content Engaging: Animation, humor, interactive quizzes, and other multimedia tools keep learners interested and motivated.

Online Customer Service: If users can't log in or have questions, they can't complete training. Having a full-time support team who responds immediately, in multiple languages, is a must.

Personalized Reminders: Sending out multiple reminders over both SMS & email helps ensure high completion rates even among busy SNF employees.


We stay on top of skilled nursing training compliance so you don't have to

At showd.me, we know that busy SNF operators have limited time to stay on top of regulation updates. That's why we stay ahead of any upcoming changes, creating new content before you need it. We add new courses to our library weekly so that the training you need is there when you need it.

By staying informed on all aspects of skilled nursing training compliance – including legal requirements, industry standards/best practices, regulatory changes, and reporting systems – skilled nursing facilities can remain compliant while providing effective patient care delivery services at all times

We are committed to helping you stay compliant and deliver effective, safe care to all your residents at all times.

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