4 Tips to Improve Compliance Training Completion Rates

Post - 4 Tips to Improve Compliance Training Completion Rates

Online learning and training is growing rapidly as technology improves. Launching an online training course is one of the best ways to ensure that employees retain knowledge and advance in their careers. But, there is one problem… Completion rates are low. On average, only 15% of employees complete a course. In this article, we will  share four tips to getting employees to complete their training, so that your organization can stay compliant and progressive!

Tip #1: Set a Clear Deadline

Employees should be given a clear schedule that shows the deadline that is in place for them to complete their training. All deadlines should be communicated to them so that the expectation is clear! Also, use text messages or email reminders to keep the employees motivated. 

Tip #2: Answer the “Why”

This can be done by simply stating why the training is important and what the benefits are, or it can be an internal reason for each individual employee. Each employee can start off their training by answering why the training is important to them. Keeping the why clear and evident can help push employees over the finish line. 

Tip #3: Reward and Recognition

Reward and recognize those who complete their training on time. For example, offer a prize or incentive for the first 5 people who complete their training, or create a raffle for everyone who completes their training by a specific date. Also, consider sending out certificates to recognize those who complete their training in order to provide inspiration to those who have not yet completed theirs. 


Tip #4: Follow Up

It is important to follow up with those who have not completed their training, and find out what is holding them back from completing their training. Have an open conversation, and offer an alternative deadline for them to complete it. All employees are different, and some move faster or slower than others. Continuously follow up with employees to make sure they meet their deadline.


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