Compliance Training Needs for 2023: Consider it done

Post - Compliance Training Needs for 2023: Consider it done

What if you never had to worry about compliance training in 2023 for your home health agency or skilled nursing facilities?

  • You’re confident your employees are fully trained in accordance with state and Federal requirements.
  • All staff mastered the material in a language they understand.
  • You have tracking analytics of completion rates.
  • Every time there’s a new requirement, you know your team is up to speed.

This is the reality for every client with

Easy to Use, Accessible Compliance Training

In 2016 when we launched our compliance platform, we asked ourselves if we could fully remove the burden of completing compliance requirements from our clients. We asked ourselves again in early 2022 when we set out to double our business. Could we still achieve the same results for our clients at scale? 

The answer is a resounding yes. 


In 2022, we helped our clients achieve an average of 90% completion rate for compliance courses. Users had a 90% satisfaction rate. 

customer data for compliance training

Those numbers are consistent with our previous year. What changed was the number of users. 

Last year, 150,000 employees from several states completed courses on the platform. That was more than double the number of employees using the software the previous year. We were able to maintain consistent completion rates and end user satisfaction even as we grew. 

Following are a few more compliance training stats from 2022 that we’re particularly proud of:

  • Users completed 2.3 million courses
  • Employees completed 6,816,381 forms, videos, lessons or quizzes on our platform
  • We onboarded 82 new logos
  • We added 30 new courses
  • Our portfolio contains courses in up to 9 different languages
  • Our support team response time averages under 3 minutes in 4 languages

Our white glove service is central to our mission at That meant we needed to maintain our completion rates and satisfaction rates as we scaled in 2022. Last year was a test of how well our processes work, even as we grew in size and expanded into other industries. We’re proud to have set the course for continuing to provide our clients with the compliance completion they can rely upon.


At, we offer “compliance-as-a-service” training solutions. Whether it’s skilled nursing, home health or manufacturing, we know that training is an integral part of your operations. We make this simple for you and your employees to access remote onboarding and orientation assistance, compliance training or individualized courses specific. 

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