Webinar Recap | How to Boost Retention During the Great Resignation

Post - Webinar Recap | How to Boost Retention During the Great Resignation

In case you missed it, on June 28th we hosted a webinar discussing retention best practices. This webinar featured an incredible panel of speakers that included showd.me CEO and Founder, Avi Singer, Home Care Association of America CEO, Vicki Hoak, and Leading Edge Administrators Insurance and Benefits Specialist, Mayer Majer. This webinar was informative and entertaining from start to finish, and we want to give you an overview of how the discussion went!

The Problem: 

According to the 2022 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey and Report, 80% of respondents cited staffing as their greatest non COVID-related challenge in 2022. Out of this subset, one-third of the respondents’ primary concern was retention. This was the statistic that founded the idea of the webinar. In fact, during the webinar over 80% of attendees reported that they struggled with their caregiver retention. 

The Challenges:

Some of the challenges reported are that there is a critical shortage of home health care aides and it is hard to recruit them. So, when quality aides are hired, it is imperative to retain that talent. There is an increased demand for home healthcare with COVID and other illnesses, and there has to be aides to meet that demand. Agencies have to pay their aides a livable wage and offer benefits in order to retain them.

Solutions to Boost Retention:

Offering competitive wages and a positive company culture is a way to boost the retention of aides. Developing a culture where aides feel comfortable and a part of the home care agency will help with retention as well. Making sure that the benefits are conveyed to the employees also will entice aides to remain with an agency. Explaining why they are beneficial to the company’s culture and what role they play is beneficial. 


Home Care Association of America is addressing the problem by creating a Home Care Workforce Action Alliance that focuses on coming up with preventative steps to address the caregiver shortage. The alliance will be looking at wage increases, training and development, and much more in an effort to combat this issue. 


We want to send a special thank you to all of our attendees and our panelists for participating in this informative and necessary discussion! If you would like to watch our webinar on demand, click here! Follow us on our social media and sign up for our newsletter to get information on more free webinars in the future. 

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