Why Restaurants are Turning to showd.me

Post - Why Restaurants are Turning to showd.me

Well trained employees in the fast food industry save restaurants an enormous amount of time and money. They know how to properly store foods so that they are within safety compliance guidelines, so that they won’t go bad. This prevents food spoilage which leads to less waste. This is why quick service restaurants, like McDonalds, are turning to showd.me! showd.me provides a platform for fast food restaurant employees to complete their training quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn more about why restaurants are turning to showd.me!


Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is crucial for a restaurant to succeed. Employees should master the art of ensuring that customers leave the restaurant completely satisfied with their experience. showd.me has training that can guide employees and management on how to deal with customer complaints and overall customer interactions. 



Adhering to quality standards is important in the restaurant industry. Ensuring a consistent quality of food each time customers visit the franchise will help with the overall success of the restaurant. Sustaining quality standards is an important part of any franchise, and showd.me’s offerings can help aid in these efforts. 


Employee Accessibility

Surprisingly, less than 20 percent of corporate training is conducted through mobile devices. If employees don’t have access to complete training, they won’t do it. Investing in tools that make it easy for employees to gain new knowledge without having to sit in front of a computer is beneficial. The good thing about showd.me is that the platform is mobile device friendly! Employees can upskill quicker and faster. 


As you can see, showd.me has a lot to offer restaurants! It is no surprise that they are turning to showd.me for their training, onboarding, and orientation solutions. Click here to learn more!

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