Is Harassment Training Effective?

Post - Is Harassment Training Effective?

All across the globe, companies have taken the initiative to roll out compliance training and other programs to strengthen workplace culture. Workplace harassment has been a major problem for corporations for years, and laws have been passed to require employers to have sexual harassment prevention training. Whether the employee is working on site or from home, harassment training is an important part of the company culture. This blog will answer the question – Is harassment training really effective or is something companies do just because they have to? Keep reading to see the facts. 


Here’s How it Helps…

Harassment training is important because it leaves employees feeling educated about harassment and knowledgeable about the protocols that are in place. According to statistics obtained by Talent LMS, 90% of employees said that they are more aware on how to report an incident of sexual harassment. In addition to this, 82% of employees stated that they were better educated about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and 88% of employees stated that they were better informed about how their company handles sexual harassment incidents. While there is always room for improvement, these numbers show that many employees see a positive effect from harassment training and they gain valuable resources from the training. 


On average, 85% of employees know how and where to report an issue. Learning the protocols for reporting harassment is important, and creates an effective harassment training program. Interestingly, 70% of women who experience sexual harassment in the workplace never report the incident. This is likely due to them not knowing the right steps to take. Or, they are fearful about retaliation from management or other coworkers. Harassment training can help alleviate these concerns by addressing them before they occur.  


How Do I Get Harassment Training for My Organization?

Looking into a training provider is not something you should take lightly. In today’s world, platforms that are simple to use are the most sought after. Platforms, like, offer on-demand sexual harassment training that is easy to understand and tailored specifically for your workplace. We’ll help you create a safe and healthy environment for everyone by providing clear, practical examples and guidelines on how to handle and address sexual harassment at your organization. 


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