Debunking 4 common online onboarding myths for home health caregivers

Post - Debunking 4 common online onboarding myths for home health caregivers

How one home health agency increased employees amidst a hiring shortage with  

When a home health agency in New York, All Care Home Health Services, approached to help improve their hiring and onboarding process, together we created a customized solution that speeds up hiring, onboarding and orientation.

Once they moved their orientation and onboarding process online instead of in person, they added onboard 500+ new aides in 2022-23. They send new applicants to the system daily.

Their onboarding process is a critical step to welcoming new hires and setting them up for success. This makes the difference between hiring staff and remaining perpetually understaffed in today's competitive hiring state.

But many organizations, especially in healthcare, still operate with a clunky, time-consuming and costly process. 

Those organizations that use online onboarding are getting ahead – and saving time and money. 

The benefits of online onboarding for home healthcare and SNFs

Those SNFs and home healthcare agencies using online onboarding technology well are able to fill job openings faster. Consider two scenarios for two companies competing in the same locale for  talent: 

  1. Company A has a mobile-friendly application in multiple languages and an automatic response system to select interview slots. Prospects are processed quickly and automatically receive online onboarding forms and new hire employee training once hired. From start to finish, the process can be completed in only a few hours.
  2. Company B has an outdated online website with an application form that doesn’t work well on mobile devices. The HR team responds in a few days to set up an interview and download some PDF forms to print and fill out.


When company B is ready to hire, the prospect has already begun work at company A.

Online onboarding for home healthcare and SNFs means increased efficiency and reduced paperwork for employees and HR departments. An online platform also makes a strong first impression about what it’s like to work with your organization. Especially for home care caregivers, who work in the field, interacting with your corporate team is their main touchpoint. helps streamline the onboarding process even further by automatically adding new prospects to the platform, saving time, money and resources. Our platform also allows you to create custom pathways for each employee based on their role as well as provide access to important documents such as contracts, employee handbooks or policies with ease - all while keeping track of progress made during the onboarding process. 

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Tips and best practices for online onboarding

When selecting an online onboarding platform, many companies make the mistake of choosing the least costly option or one that is best for the HR team. It’s easy to forget about the end-user – your prospects – who can get lost in slow, hard-to-navigate systems.  

Instead, review the user experience so that new hires can quickly navigate all aspects of the platform without becoming overwhelmed by too much information, complicated navigation menus and unclear directions.

You should also create onboarding forms and training in multiple languages so new hires can complete them quickly and independently.

Regularly review your processes to identify improvement. Feedback surveys upon completion are especially helpful.


Debunking 4 myths about online onboarding for new staff


Myth 1: Converting paper hiring to online onboarding is too hard

Many employers fear converting from paper-based onboarding to an online process takes too much work and time. In reality, it’s easier and faster to set up an online onboarding process than a paper-based one. Not only does it reduce paperwork, but it also cuts down on time spent processing applicants’ documents. Plus, you can easily access all the necessary information without searching through mountains of paperwork. clients report saving hours by transitioning from paper-based processes to digital ones. By leveraging technology such as electronic signatures, automatically filling out forms and automated emails, organizations can save time while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Myth 2: Caregivers can't complete online forms

Caregivers are often excluded from online onboarding processes due to assumptions about their lack of experience with technology or access to devices. With, thousands of caregivers easily navigate our platform every day, completing onboarding forms and processes quickly. 

The key is using platforms that are mobile-friendly. Clear instructions, detailed photos, and videos ensure that even those new to technology can understand how to complete the forms correctly. 


Myth 3: People who speak other languages are less likely to complete forms online

It’s easy to design onboarding forms in multiple languages online. Translation tools take minutes to generate forms in any language. And powerful digital video tools use AI to create engaging training videos in multiple languages. 

Ensure 24-hour support in multiple languages to keep everyone on track to complete onboarding.


Myth 4: People who apply online are less reliable

Some employers believe those who apply for jobs online are less reliable than those applying through more traditional methods like job fairs. With the right vetting process and a faster hiring and onboarding process, employers can feel confident that applicants' online portal inquiries are just as reliable – if not more so – than those applying through other methods.

Going through orientation remotely increases the likelihood of the employee staffing a case. Of those who complete online onboarding for All Care, 80 percent show up ready to start working as soon as their paperwork is processed.

“People apply to several agencies, and then only a fraction of them show up for orientation,” says Avi Singer, CEO of “In our process, the show-up rate is over 80 percent. Rarely does anyone complete all the onboarding work and then not show up for orientation.”


How can help your organization with online onboarding’s white-glove experience made moving All Care’s orientation and onboarding process online seamless. This includes video training, forms (w-4, payroll, etc.) and their new employee handbook. Applicants now quickly and easily complete everything on one easy-to-navigate platform, accessible on a phone, tablet or computer, and in multiple languages so that applicants don’t need assistance completing the forms.

Ready to simplify your onboarding process? Check out how can support your organization today.

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