Webinar Recap: State of Home Care Recruiting and Training 2022

Post - Webinar Recap: State of Home Care Recruiting and Training 2022

In case you missed it, our Founder and CEO, Avi Singer, hosted a webinar discussing the Industry Findings for the State of Home Care Recruiting and Training. This webinar focused on the online survey that showd.me created and distributed in March of 2022. The topics covered in our survey were:

  • 2021 Challenges and Outcomes
  • 2022 Top Compliance and Training Goals
  • Technology Considerations

showd.me received nearly 400 responses from agency leaders, and in this article we will dive into the key takeaways!

The key takeaways from our findings can be found below: 

In 2021, more than 50% of agencies had completion rates of under 70%. Only 7% of agencies had completion rates of over 90%. 

Using an online training provider helps agencies achieve higher completion rates. This is because of the ongoing white glove service that is offered throughout the training process. The majority of agencies surveyed utilize a hybrid of online and on-site training for their caregivers. They found that the most common challenge was that the caregivers were not tech savvy, did not have access to the internet, or did not have training available in their native language. This is where showd.me can help. showd.me can help your agency provide free internet and devices to aides, and offers training courses that are easy to use and completely customizable. The courses are offered in a variety of languages so that training can take place in a person’s native language. This will not only increase the training completion rate, but it will increase the effectiveness of the training program. 

In 2022, 88% of all agencies are considering a change in how they conduct their In-Service training. 

Out of all agencies surveyed, 79% of them said they have used an online training provider.  A lot of agencies are moving towards using e-learning components in their agency due to the ease of measuring training success. In 2022, the top training and compliance goal for agencies was to make it easier for caregivers to access and complete training courses. Agencies are considering a change in their training efforts, because it is a more effective way to conduct training. 

In 2021, 89% of agencies did not meet their hiring goals. 

During our survey, we found that on average 68% of potential new hires took over a week to complete their Orientation and Onboarding. During that week’s time, they most likely took another job. We also found that 48% of agencies had less than 20% of caregivers complete their Orientation and Onboarding process. A simpler and more convenient way to complete these steps would have helped hire more caregivers and staffed more cases, per 75% of the surveyors. Using an online training provider that can cater to a specific organization’s onboarding and orientation can help expedite the process to easily onboard and hire qualified caregivers efficiently. 

showd.me is an online training platform that offers ongoing white glove service and multilingual user support. We ensure that all hiring goals are met and that over 90% of employees complete their training courses. Request a demo to learn more!

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