Attention Home Care Agencies: Make Better Hiring Decisions with These Tips

Post - Attention Home Care Agencies: Make Better Hiring Decisions with These Tips

As a home care agency, the hardest part of maintaining a solid reputation and loyal clients is hiring good people to work at your organization. The hiring process is extensive. From recruiting the right people, to conducting productive interviews, hiring new employees is a process that should not be taken lightly. The hiring process ultimately leads to the most important step- determining who to hire and extending an offer. 


This is a decision that should not be taken lightly and has major consequences if not done correctly. This blog will give you four tips on how to make the best hiring decisions for your company!

1. Assemble a Hiring Team

Hiring is best done in teams. It is important to have a great group of people that represent the agency well and are well vetted in human resources practices. The hiring team should include:

  • The position’s direct supervisor
  • Someone who will act as a mentor
  • The hiring manager
  • The training supervisor

Assembling a team will ensure that you have a knowledgeable, well equipped group of people to help you select the best person to fill the position. Since hiring is a two way street, it is important to introduce candidates to a variety of employees that they will be working closely with to ensure it’s a good culture fit for them as well.

2.  Understand Your Needs

Know the basic requirements for the role that you are hiring for. Have a general understanding of what qualifications and skills the person would need in order to be successful in the position. As a decision maker, you should know what traits the ideal candidate should have and what experience is needed for them to succeed. It’s important to create a detailed job description. This will make it easier for potential candidates to know what you are looking for on the front end, so the right people will apply for the job. If you notice that you are getting candidates that are not the right fit, take some time to optimize the job title and/or job description until the right candidates start applying to your role.

3. Interview with Intention

When interviewing potential candidates, make sure that you are putting together a strategic list of questions. Ensure that you, as a decision maker, are asking intentional questions that will give you a better idea of what the candidate can bring to your agency. Understanding the character and personality of the candidate can also help in finding the best candidate for your organization, and all of this can be found out during the interviewing process. 

4. Act Fast

Set up a schedule and be sure that your hiring team sticks to it. Hiring processes can easily be thrown off track by things coming up within the organization. This can cause the hiring team to not give candidates the updates that they need, and can cause the organization to spend too much time at one stage in the process. When the hiring process stalls, great candidates drop out of the process because they accept other offers of employment. makes the orientation, onboarding, and training process easy for home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities. You should be confident in your hiring decisions and should not be worried about making the wrong choice. By using the tips above, you are already one step closer to making the best hiring decision for your organization! 


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