Empeon and showd.me partner for healthcare compliance

Post - Empeon and showd.me partner for healthcare compliance

showd.me, the premier compliance and training partner for home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities, announces today its partnership with Empeon, the enterprise-grade Human Capital Management (HCM) platform for health systems. The two software providers are joining forces to equip the healthcare industry with a robust technology stack to help combat the current employee retention crisis in healthcare staffing.

“Empeon is known as the leading HR and Payroll platform for healthcare; we’ve been able to achieve that position by constantly seeking to understand the needs of our users and the marketplace and provide smart tools and solutions to help them run their business more effectively and efficiently,” said Empeon CEO Israel Krausz. “It was a natural fit to partner with showd.me to offer a best-in-class learning management solution to help empower our customers.”

Currently, 66 percent of turnover in home healthcare aid positions occurs within the first 90 days of hire. In many instances, lengthy compliance training and onerous onboarding requirements cause new hires to drop off during the orientation process. Through this partnership, Empeon and showd.me empower healthcare organizations to fully automate their onboarding and training processes –, providing new hires with seamless virtual onboarding, reducing the strain on HR teams, and setting the stage for improved staffing retention rates. Improved employee retention correlates directly with improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

“Our Empeon integration allows us to help our clients launch online training right away,” said Avi Singer, CEO and Founder of showd.me. “Instead of manually adding and assigning users, we can connect directly to Empeon to fully automate user management and course assignments, eliminating time, cost, and human error from the equation.”

Many hourly healthcare workers seek employment at multiple healthcare agencies and compliance training is required at each place of employment. The Empeon and showd.me partnership enable healthcare workers to complete training requirements from wherever they are, helping HR onboarding teams achieve a 90% compliance rate.

About Empeon

Empeon, formerly ADS, was founded in 1998 to provide health systems with flexible, accurate, and punctual payroll solutions. Having expanded into the full gamut of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, the company’s software services streamline processes like talent acquisition, Human Resources, onboarding, time management, scheduling, and labor management. Empeon supports the healthcare sector in maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk through its enterprise-grade, customizable suite of people management tools. Learn more at https://empeon.com/

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About showd.me

showd.me is the premier partner for healthcare organizations, providing simple and effective solutions for hiring, developing, and retaining employees while staying fully compliant. showd.me was founded in 2014 by Avi Singer. Click here for a demo.

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