7 Must-Ask Questions For Selecting A Learning Management System (LMS) In Post-Acute Care

Post - 7 Must-Ask Questions For Selecting A Learning Management System (LMS) In Post-Acute Care

In just six, likely short, years, every baby boomer in the U.S. will be at least 65. And an estimated 9M baby boomers will be 85 or older. In other words, the opportunities for those in post-acute care are higher than ever, as demand for care and services will only continue to rise. 

But as you know, demand alone is not enough to ensure lasting success for your organization. Ongoing workforce shortages, high turnover, and increasing competition for talent continuously challenge providers. And as new employees are hired, you must get new employees trained as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) can help long-term care and home-based care organizations improve upon their existing training processes, ensure compliance and drive better care outcomes. However, with thousands of LMS vendors in the market today, finding the right solution can be overwhelming. Here are 7 must-ask questions for finding the right partner.

1. Which industries do you typically work with?

Many LMS platforms on the market today are industry-agnostic. And while there are a number of topics that can be broadly applied across industries, most one-size-fits-all vendors are not up to speed on the unique requirements across post-acute care. To maximize compliance and the quality of training your organization provides, look for an LMS that specializes in your specific sector of healthcare. Doing so can ensure your training courses are relevant and applicable to the needs of those they serve. 

2. Are you able to accommodate in-service requirements for my industry and state?

Every sector of healthcare has it’s own standards for training either at the federal or state level—or both. Look for an LMS vendor who is knowledgable about your organization’s specific needs and your industry as a whole.

At showdme, we specialize in post-acute care compliance training. This focus allows us to stay ahead of changing regulations and requirements. We also offer a growing library of care topics to ensure your employees are best prepared to meet the rising acuity levels of those they serve.

3. Can you incorporate training materials we already use?

Your organization likely has a library of internal training resources that you’ve spent time and money to create. Don’t let them go to waste. Make sure you have the option to incorporate any materials you’ve created, including PDFs, presentations, videos, etc., alongside any content your vendor provides. Have an idea for a new course you’d like to include? LMS vendors like showdme offer custom content creation, as well as multilingual courses so you can deliver training to best meets the needs of your employees, your organization, and your goals. 

4. Are my employees required to download an app to access training?

These days, there’s an app for everything—but that doesn’t mean there should be. While employees love the ability to access training anytime, anywhere, they don’t necessarily want to download yet another app to do so. 

Look for an LMS that allows your staff to access training from any desktop or mobile browser, without the need for yet another visit to their respective app store. 

5. Do you offer support for my employees?

No matter how simple a software is to use and navigate, your employees are going to run into questions. Make sure the vendor you select offers support not just for those on the administrative end of things, but for your employees as well.

At showdme, we offer multilingual support for every end-user, including trainees. 

6. What are your average training completion rates?

Many organizations don’t talk much about completion rates—which is odd considering that completion of training is the end goal for any organization, right? So, why don’t more vendors talk about them? It’s often because they view completions as something your organization is responsible for.

At showdme, we understand that keeping track of employee training and deadlines can be a daunting task. We take this burden off your shoulders and proactively notify your employees of new trainings and upcoming deadlines. We also go the extra mile to ensure that every course we offer is not only informative, but engaging. This in turn has earned showdme a 91% staff satisfaction rating and enabled our customers to achieve average completion rates of up to 93%.  

7. How can your software help me free up resources at my organization?

When it comes to managing employee training, it’s important to select a technology that can make your current process more efficient, while also freeing up valuable time for your team.  Think about who manages training at your organization today. How much time do they spend gathering course materials, scheduling training, and chasing down employees to get them completed? And how could that time be better allocated?

Resources are slim in post-acute care. That’s why showdme offers more than just great software–we offer exceptional service. 

Our dedicated Account Managers handle it all, from start to finish, including learning path curation, initial enrollment, deadline notifications and certificate delivery. Showdme can also integrate with your existing payroll software and EMR systems, such as HHAeXchange, allowing new hires to be enrolled in any relevant trainings automatically. 

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