Onboarding & Orientation

Engage new hires before day 1 with a modern, online onboarding & orientation experience that dramatically reduces paperwork, decreases time-to-hire and gets your employees ready to do what they do best-deliver the best care possible.

Our Service-First Approach

From pre-boarding tasks to orientation, your dedicated Account Managers are ready to help your next great new hire get onboarded faster than ever.

woman receiving text while walking outside regarding pre-boarding tasks after applying for a job.

Create A Custom Experience

Our team will create a custom onboarding experience that fits seamlessly into your existing workflows and enables staff to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Quickly Enroll Team Members

We'll reach out to your applicants & new hires to get them started and offer ongoing reminders via text or email to encourage them to complete any pending activities.

Continuously Monitor Completions

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide regular updates on where each applicant and new hire is in the onboarding & orientation process.

Provide Instant, Multilingual Support

From issues logging in to general questions, our support team is available to help your applicants and new hires at every step.

man filling out onboarding forms while drinking coffee

Post-application engagement


Increase in new hires annually


New hire satisfaction rating

Fully Managed

From set-up and enrollment, to support for your employees, your dedicated Account Manager will handle it all.

Mobile Friendly

Eliminate paperwork and reduce in-person visits with an online experience that can be completed on any desktop, tablet or smartphone-no apps to download.


Build a custom onboarding and orientation experience using our robust library of forms and introductory materials, as well as resources from your own HR library.

Employee Centric

Simplified forms and easy-to-navigate online orientation materials streamline the onboarding process and get new hires excited to join your organization.


Mobile-friendly, simplified design makes it easy for staff to enter their information and quickly complete the onboarding process before day 1.


Decrease time-to-hire and reduce in-person orientation no-shows by offering a fully online onboarding and orientation experience before their first day.

Because people could do it right away from the comfort of their homes we were able to get more caregivers through the process...and faster than ever before. Very simple, it just works.

Pinny Faska, COO

Rockaway Home Care


Give your new hires an onboarding experience worth staying for! In this free guide, we're sharing the innovative onboarding strategies post-acute care organizations are implementing to reduce time to hire and foster retention before day one and well beyond.

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