What is Compliance As a Service?

Post - What is Compliance As a Service?

showd.me was founded in 2014 by Avi Singer as a peer-to-peer learning platform. His vision was for employees to learn from each other across an enterprise. In 2016, health care organizations approached showd.me and asked if they could leverage the easy to use platform for compliance training. showd.me coined the term “Compliance as a Service” because their goal is to help organizations reach maximum compliance.


There are many companies that offer extensive training libraries and learning management systems. showd.me is unique because they provide customers with the end result they are looking for, which is a fully compliant workforce. While organizations may be able to achieve compliance on their own, any errors could have major consequences. Companies are turning to showd.me to remove administrative burdens for their team, and to make the process of achieving compliance easier. 


Although workplace regulations vary between industries, overall compliance plays a vital role in protecting organizations from any legal issues. showd.me makes compliance an easy and efficient process by offering multilingual ongoing support and white glove service.


 Compliance as a Service ensures that your organization is fully compliant with certain regulations. This service may be provided for a specific set of regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, CCPA, or Sarbanes-Oxley, or a combination of state and federal regulations. 


Some of the advantages of using showd.me as a Compliance as a Service platform are:

Simplify and Streamline Training

showd.me offers virtual, on-demand training and ongoing support. All training and support is multilingual, so employees can complete their training and get the support they need in their native language. 

Reduce Administrative Burdens

showd.me provides a dedicated Account Manager to handle setup, field questions, and follow up with employees. The Account Manager manages completions and all required paperwork. 

Measure Results

showd.me provides analytics so that your organization can track each employee’s progress.

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