Compliance Mistakes You’re Making

Post - Compliance Mistakes You’re Making

It is more important than ever to provide employees at your organization with accurate and consistent information about guidelines and regulations through proper training. Compliance training does not have to be hard or time consuming for employees, but it should be detailed and clearly explain rules and regulations that should be implemented. In this blog, we will share common compliance mistakes and how your organization can prevent them. 


Courses Are Too Long

Long courses are a problematic because they can interfere with the work day and overall strain employees. In addition, they can also be boring and which leads to low employee engagement. To create a more focused training, you can include only information that is relevant and useful in an effort to eliminate anything that does not provide context to the subject. 

Pro Tip:
A way to prevent this mistake is by splitting courses into different sections that are shorter and easier to understand. This way, employees don’t become overwhelmed. 


Covering Too Much At One Time

Too much information at one time can overwhelm employees mentally and physically at times. At that point, they will not be able to understand the material that is being taught, and they certainly will not be able to retain the information. It will also send the impression that you as an organization are simply just rushing through the material.

Pro Tip:
A better way to approach training  is to start with compliance issues that will have the largest impact on the organization. Then, cover basics that are less urgent but still important to learn. Using LMS systems like allows employees to complete training at their own pace and in their own setting (home, car, etc.). 


Content Is Not Interesting

There are interesting ways that training can be presented. Compliance training, like most training courses, can be tedious and stressful to learn. So, training sessions that are lengthy and seminar style can make it even harder to find enjoyable. There are many educational tools available for use, so ensuring that your training content is engaging is an easy fix.

Pro Tip:
A way to combat non-engaging content is by using simulations or videos that allow employees to interact easily and more effectively. Again, using LMS platforms can help to simplify training.


Compliance training is crucial for home care agencies. You should always aim to make sure training is easy to follow, engaging, and detailed. Using compliance training software is an easy way to avoid all of the mistakes listed above. Many companies sell training solutions or learning management systems, but here at we sell the end result. offers “compliance-as-a-service” which includes ongoing white glove multilingual support to ensure maximum program success. Ready to get started? Click here to learn more.

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