Reduce stress and boost workplace happiness among healthcare workers

Post - Reduce stress and boost workplace happiness among healthcare workers

In honor of April’s National Stress Awareness Month, we’re addressing stress that’s particular to the healthcare sector and offering solutions to reduce stress by improving employees’ experience and retention.

To say that working with an aging population is difficult is an understatement. Many home health and skilled nursing workers feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued. As healthcare business owners, improving workplace culture and reducing stress are key to the health of patients and a thriving business.

Since 2020 1 in 5 healthcare workers quit their jobs; currently, 45 percent of healthcare workers plan to leave by 2025. 

Those who stay feel the effects of burnout – long hours, difficult work-life balance and working overtime because of staffing shortages.

Reducing workplace stress increases workplace happiness and gives patients the quality of care they deserve.

Let’s talk about reducing stress and creating a positive work environment for everyone.


How employers can help relieve stress

Many people post-pandemic are striving to find a better work-life balance. For healthcare employees, reducing stress is essential to improve retention.

Here are some ways you can help your employees relieve stress and find meaning and enjoyment from their jobs.

Communication helps reduce employee stress

If you talk to healthcare workers, they’ll tell you that communication is extremely important. Clear communication to support employees – especially remote employees – helps relieve stress. 

Text and email messages in multiple languages can help your employees feel connected and supported. This improves their perception of their job and employer. makes this easy by offering orientation and professional development training and an easy-to-use app in multiple languages.

Offer stress-reducing resources and support

Consider what resources you offer employees to reduce stress and maintain wellness. Once you have resources, regularly remind your employees how to access that support. 

Do you offer counseling services? Supplemental insurance coverage? Do you have benefits for self-care like gym memberships or online yoga classes?

If so, let them know how they can access it. If you don’t, consider adding these to your benefits package. 

Ask employees what they need

Many workers feel their employers are far removed from the actual day-to-day work. This is compounded for healthcare workers who operate remotely.

Sitting down with employees and asking them what’s working and what can be improved goes a long way. Employees want to feel heard and that their employer is taking action to improve the workplace.

This also helps when you’re looking to add new ways to improve your company. You may want to roll out a new communication tool, payroll system or training program but have you considered how it impacts employees.

Having an employee-first mindset, by learning what works for them and what makes their job easier can reduce stress and increase retention.

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Invest in training

When staffing shortages are high, it’s easy to rush people through the orientation process to get working as soon as possible. Investing the time and money upfront in your employees’ education, training and development will help prevent the revolving door of employees that many companies face. makes it easy to have a thorough orientation process that can help reduce the stress and anxiety of starting a new job.

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Support your healthcare employees with short videos on tips to reduce stress'

Help your employees learn to manage their time. It takes some practice but taking control of their time will empower them to control their day and increase workplace satisfaction.

Educate them about managing stress with mindfulness, prioritizing tasks and making time for fun outside of work. 

This video has tips on the science of stress. You'll find more videos with stress relief tips on our YouTube channel.

How can help reduce workplace stress

Over 92 percent of employees prefer online training over in-person training. makes that easy for you!

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