Introducing HR bundles: Simplify onboarding with our point-and-click system

Post - Introducing HR bundles: Simplify onboarding with our point-and-click system

Try our new white glove system to simplify onboarding and make a positive first impression on your employees

In any company, onboarding is the employees’ first impression of their new job after the initial interview. When this process goes well, it not only allows new hires to get started working quickly but also indicates a level of excellence they can expect from their new employer. 

Making onboarding forms frictionless for your employees sets your company up for success right from the start.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new feature for clients, making onboarding new employees easier than ever. With new human resource bundles, clients can simply point and click to design an onboarding package, and work with to quickly deliver forms to every employee who needs to complete them.

At, we recognize that savvy healthcare organizations are using technology to make applying and completing onboarding and orientation requirements faster and more accessible. With our HR Bundles, you can be sure to hire and onboard every qualified applicant quickly.


How do the HR Bundles simplify onboarding?

When it comes to onboarding and orientation, most healthcare companies use many of the same forms. We took stock of our clients’ most common forms and turned them into simple templates. And we did this in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.

Our library includes four main categories of forms our clients need:

  1. Government
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Healthcare
  4. Onboarding and orientation

Our HR Bundles onboarding and orientation catalog of forms includes the following:

  1. W-4
  2. Pay rate
  3. Direct deposit
  4. TB screening
  5. Influenza vaccination
  6. Employment application checks
  7. Employment applications
  8. And more
  9. Direct deposit
  10. And more

Once you select your desired forms, you’ll receive an email with a ready-made bundle that includes instructions to get started. The forms even include your company logo.


Receive completed forms faster than ever

Having access to ready-to-use onboarding forms from our HR Bundles means that getting started with clients new to is effortless. Simply select your forms, and we will take care of the rest. We can accommodate custom forms as well, upon request.

Your organization’s HR Bundle will automatically go out by email and text to anyone in our system. The message and the forms will be in the language each applicant designates.

Your employees will find the forms easy to complete quickly on a computer or mobile. They simply fill in the blanks for each prompt, and our system automatically populates the forms for them.

There’s no printing, scanning or signing Adobe PDFs necessary!

Plus, we offer white glove multilingual customer support via chat, email or text to support new hires every step of the way.

Ready to simplify onboarding at your organization? Check out our HR Bundles today.


Healthcare companies must find ways to make it easier to apply and start working. At, we make it easier to onboard new hires with our ready-to-use, point-and-click forms system. Click here to schedule a demo.

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