What is compliance as a service?

Post - What is compliance as a service?

Behind the scenes on how account managers make compliance easier

Online training for home health aides is challenging, when most employees are used to in-person training, don’t have computers and speak English as a second language.

Designing online training with this audience in mind and having the support in place to ensure staff meet compliance requirements can make online training successful.

For example, when a one home healthcare agency, located in New York, experienced disappointing compliance training completion rates with another company, they were skeptical if online training could succeed. Before giving up online compliance training, they decided to try working with showd.me. We delivered 100 percent compliance for their organization in that first year. 

Another home healthcare agency trying online compliance courses for the first time, rather than in-person training, was skeptical that many employees would participate. The remote team mostly speaks English as a second language, spans many age groups and most don’t own computers. 

With showd.me’s support, they reached a remarkable 83 percent completion rate in that first year’s transition to online training. This year, they expect to reach over 90 percent completion rate.

Getting your home healthcare agency team to meet compliance requirements is a full-time job

There are three steps to ensuring all staff at a home health agency meet compliance and training requirements: 

  1. Identify required and necessary courses for each position
  2. Offer engaging courses that employees can easily complete
  3. Track completion rates and ensure all employees meet requirements


If this sounds like a full-time job, it’s because it is. But, most home healthcare agencies don’t have a compliance officer on staff. Ensuring all staff complete required courses usually falls to overworked administrative teams who don't have the time or the ability to enforce the training requirements.

What sets showd.me apart from other compliance companies are the account managers who take care of every step of clients’ compliance requirements. From entering employees into the system to ensuring each of them complete the courses they need in order to do their jobs, showd.me’s account managers do all of it. We call this “compliance as a service.”


How your account manager makes compliance easier

At showd.me, we take over our clients’ compliance responsibility. Once they work with us, they typically never need to log in to the system. showd.me account managers take on all the responsibility of hand-holding, support and follow-up that has to happen in order to get a home healthcare agency team of any size to meet compliance requirements. 

Following are some ways account managers make compliance easier for clients:

  1. Managed service: showd.me provides full white-glove onboarding with constant communication. This includes full content setup, multilingual training, custom integration with clients’ software and more.
  2. Progress tracking: After launching, account managers check on their clients behind the scenes frequently - ensuring completion targets are on track, end user messaging is going out appropriately, and identifying and solving any potential issues before they are noticeable to a customer.
  3. Proactive support: As part of showd.me’s behind-the-scenes tracking, if an account manager notices a client isn’t on track to hit their goals, they proactively do additional outreach campaigns by phone or text to remind users to complete their courses. 

Reminding your employees about washing their hands properly can decrease the likelihood of spreading germs. 


Constantly improving ways to provide compliance as a service

Behind the scenes, the showd.me development is always looking for ways to make it easier for clients to achieve over 90 percent compliance completion rates. 

Following are a few new features to support clients better:

Better tracking of user progress

A new health check dashboard gives account managers a bird's eye view of how all the customers under their care are doing. showd.me keeps track of compliance completion rates so our clients don't have to.

client dashboard

Automated forms

Besides compliance training, showd.me also makes hiring and onboarding easier. showd.me account managers build onboarding forms packages for our clients that can be customized. Once forms are ready, users can fill them out online and even reuse e-signatures across forms. 


Automatically upload certificates to HHaX

The ability to upload completion certificates to HHaX means our clients can easily show they’re meeting compliance requirements. Once users complete their requirements, the certificate is automatically uploaded to HHaX.


All compliance companies offer a library of courses. But most of them leave you on your own to figure out how to get employees to complete them. At showd.me we consider our training solution "compliance-as-a-service" so that our clients never need to worry about meeting training requirements.

A view of the showdme compliance training experience across multiple devices

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