Employee Welcome Kit Essentials That Win Over New Hires

Post - Employee Welcome Kit Essentials That Win Over New Hires

According to Gartner, 77% of new hires who report high onboarding satisfaction said they could see themselves staying with an organization long-term, compared to 29% of those reporting low onboarding satisfaction.

With high turnover across post-acute care and ongoing workforce shortages, setting the stage for a positive employee experience right from the start is a must. Sending a welcome kit to a new hire before day one is an effective way to ensure employees feel valued and supported right from the start.

Here are five simple, but thoughtful, employee welcome kit items that can help you win over new hires:

1. Personalized Welcome Letter

Show how excited you are to have them on the team with a personalized note from their manager, an HR representative, or a member of the senior leadership team. Those with mentorship programs can also have the new hire’s mentor write a note of welcome to their new mentee. Doing so helps new hires feel as though they’ve made an instant connection before they’ve even walked in the door.

2. Sweet Treat Just For Them

Whenever possible (and practical) try to include a small item that is just about them. Perhaps during the recruitment process, you learned that this new hire loves a good latte in the morning, or that they have a favorite candy bar. Whatever it may be, incorporating a small personal touch is a great way to welcome them to the team and reinforce that your organization cares about its employees as people.

3. Branded Merchandise

Swag such as a company hoodie, t-shirt, water bottle, or travel mug can foster a sense of pride and belonging for new hires, making them feel as though they are immediately part of the team. Giving employees branded items that are useful can also serve as a hidden recruitment opportunity as potential job candidates see your new hire using those items and ask about your organization.

4. Something Practical

Receiving a gift in the mail is always fun—even if it’s something practical. Some post-acute care providers look for items that will help new hires on the job, such as supportive shoes or a fresh pair of scrubs. Others include items that can help support employees outside of work, such as a gas card to cover the cost of gas during their first week or a gift card for a local grocery store. These small, yet practical gestures are another way to reinforce how much you value your employees both in and outside of work.

5. An Inside Look At Your Organization

Many new hires equate the first day on the job as a day filled with paperwork and presentations discussing your organization’s policies and procedures. And while this information is essential, it doesn’t make for a very exciting first day.

Online onboarding and orientation software like showdme allows new hires to complete many of the essential onboarding and orientation tasks before their first day from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Providers typically include topics such as dress code, code of conduct, time off policies, and professional development opportunities. Many also include videos or presentations that help new hires understand their rights, responsibilities, and the overall culture of the organization.

Not only does online onboarding and orientation help new hires feel immediately part of your organization, but it allows them to get ramped up and ready to work faster than traditional onboarding approaches.

A well-crafted welcome kit is a great way to set the right tone for a successful first day and a positive onboarding experience. And while what you include may vary based on your budget and resources, it should always reflect how important your employees are to your organization and those they serve.

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