Practical tips for more employee satisfaction in healthcare

Post - Practical tips for more employee satisfaction in healthcare

3 tips to proactively reduce employee stress and increase employee satisfaction this National Stress Awareness Month

If you’ve felt workplace burnout, you know how stress affects your quality of life. In any job – and especially in healthcare – reducing stress is key to increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

After a while, stress makes employees feel exhausted and completely run down. They get sick more often and struggle to keep up with their work.

Here are three ways you can help your employees manage their stress levels and increase employee satisfaction. 

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Stress diary 

Encourage employees to keep a stress diary. Over a few weeks, they’ll keep track of activities, people, places and things they encounter. 

Then, they can rate their stress level on a scale of 1-10, noting the situation and why they felt stressed. What kinds of activities and situations caused them to feel stressed? How can that stress be eliminated?

Then, they can go back and analyze the entries for patterns and devise a plan to address the stress.


Combat stress with diet and exercise

Your employees might need education about combatting stress with diet and exercise. 

Eating healthy, well-balanced meals, including various fruits and vegetables plays a big role in how people experience stress.

Regular exercise decreases stress and doesn’t have to be intense cardio. Even gentle activities such as yoga, walking and Tai Chi can have long-lasting health benefits.

This education is especially important for night shift workers who often don’t exercise regularly and use carbs and refined sugars for fuel.


Time management to increase employee satisfaction in healthcare jobs

Help your employees learn to manage their time. It takes some practice but taking control of their time will empower them to control their day and increase employee satisfaction.

Educate them to prioritize tasks and work on the most urgent ones first. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking doesn’t help people work any faster. Working through tasks one at a time, and can make a shift run smoothly.

How can help reduce workplace stress and increase employee satisfaction

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