How QSRs are Benefitting from Anti-Harassment Training

Post - How QSRs are Benefitting from Anti-Harassment Training

Employees have a right to feel safe at work. Management and employees must get workplace training to not only eliminate sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and other conduct, but to also prevent them from happening to begin with. Anti-harassment training provides critical information about preventing and identifying harassing behavior in the workplace. QSRs -or quick service restaurant- employees are especially vulnerable and may not realize the harassment that they are receiving at work by coworkers or customers. Keep reading to see how quick restaurants may benefit exceptionally from anti-harassment training. 

Enforce the Policy

Training encourages employees and management to actually report harassment complaints as they come in. Providing multiple avenues for which employees can file complaints is beneficial, and ensures that the policies in place can be upheld. Managers should be trained on what to look for and how to respond in different situations. Having these steps in place can make anti-harassment policies more effective. 

Addressing Customer Harassment

Aggression from customers can be triggered by long wait times, machines being out of order, or a franchise being out of a certain food. Training can help managers advocate for their employees and not engage with customer harassment. De-escalation techniques can also be provided as a way to help employees manage these encounters.

Providing Consequences

Employees who harass other employees should face consequences that vary from suspension or termination. This sends a message that your organization does not tolerate any harassment of any kind. 

Increasing Retention

Employees who feel like they are working in a safe space are more likely to remain with the company. Company’s could potentially lose valuable employees due to harassment claims not being taken seriously. A huge benefit to anti-harassment training is allowing employees to feel like they can come to work everyday and without worry of being harassed. 

How can help?

Unfortunately, harassment is something that happens everyday. However, it is up to your organization to put in place anti-harassment training to make sure it does not happen again. offers anti-harassment training, as well as other features to help your organization be as successful as possible! Click here to get more information. 

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