Time for your Employee to Complete Harassment Training

By showd | March 2, 2020

Now is the time to make sure your employees complete their mandatory workplace harassment training for 2020. The law passed in October of 2018 requires all employers in New York State to administer workplace harassment training to their employees every year. We know it’s only January, but we strongly recommend having your employees complete their yearly…

How Showdme Makes Employee Compliance Training More Accessible Than Ever Before

By showd | March 2, 2020

At showdme, our first priority is ensuring your employees master the material. Everything we do is with the end-user — your employees in mind.  We aim to help your staff not only meet compliance regulations, but become better at what they do. Every feature, every product update, and every piece of training content we create,…

Introducing Our New Onboarding Toolkit

By showd | March 2, 2020

One of the biggest challenges facing the Home Care industry is high turnover. In the US the turnover rate for HHAs is now at an alarming 82%! And, while turnover in New York is not as high as the national average, the retention rate in NY is still way too low. Unfortunately, it costs a lot more to acquire a new employee…

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