In-Service Training

Drive high-quality care and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements with online, on-demand in-service training your employees can complete anytime, anywhere from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Our Service-First Approach

Let your dedicated Account Manager handle your entire in-service training process from start to certificate.

Man on laptop at home reading a presentation about heart failure as part of in-service training

Customize Your Training Experience

We'll curate a selection of courses & quizzes based on regulatory requirements and the specific topics that matter most to you.

Quickly Enroll Team Members

From initial assignment to credential delivery, we'll make sure your employees have everything they need to get started.

Provide Instant, Multilingual Support

Leave the troubleshooting to us. From lost passwords to general questions, our support team is ready to help.

Continuously Monitor Completions

Executive reporting dashboards & weekly updates from your Account Manager offer the insights you need to monitor progress.

Proactively Notify Employees

No more chasing staff to finish their training-we proactively notify employees of new trainings and upcoming deadlines, so you don't have to!

Streamline Certificate Management

Certificates of completion are delivered straight to you and your employees. They can also be accessed anytime from the platform.

woman completing an in-service training course from her home while her child draws

Reduction in costs annually


Staff satisfaction rating


Average completion rates

*Based on customer results

Fully Managed

From initial set up  to certificate delivery-your dedicated Account Manager will handle it all.

Mobile Friendly

Take training out of the classroom and into the hands of your employees with a mobile-first training platform that goes wherever they are-no apps to download.


Deliver training your way with customizable learning paths using courses & quizzes from our robust library, your existing training materials-or both!

Learner Centric

With short format, buildable content and multilingual translations, our courses are designed in alignment with the specific needs of your employees.


Speak their language with a multilingual platform, support and a variety of courses translated in Spanish, Russian, Creole and Mandarin.


Deliver training your way with customizable learning paths using courses & quizzes from our robust library, your existing training materials-or both!

Partnering with was one of the best decisions for my team.

Miriam Farkas, Regional Director of Clinical Services

Excelsior Care Group

health and safety compliance


The safety of home care employees is a top priority for all employers, but the demands of senior care and hiring challenges can mean safety falls to the wayside.

A view of the showdme compliance training experience across multiple devices

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