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Post - Customer Feature Story: Alliance Homecare

Discover How Alliance Homecare Optimized Their Training Program and Increased Their Completion Rates by 125%.

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me team recently connected with Krystal Vias, Director of Learning and Development at Alliance Homecare. Keep reading to hear Krystal’s success story, and to learn how has enabled Alliance Homecare to train more caregivers, faster, in order to continue to provide top notch patient care.


In-Service Program Improvements

When Krystal started working at Alliance Homecare in January 2019, she was tasked with revamping their inservice program for the Home Health Aides. Training was traditionally held in-person, in a room that could accommodate 10 people. They had the ability to train 40 new Home Health Aides per month.

Her initial project was to revamp the training content with her staff, but they couldn’t get enough caregivers to come into the office to complete their 12 hours of training. At the time, training was split into two 6-hour training sessions. Many Home Health Aides would complete the first round of training, but they wouldn’t come back for the second round. Furthermore, it was expensive to train in-person, because they had to staff the training sessions, provide lunch, and provide access to their facility.

In order to get the completion rate up, Alliance Homecare needed a change.

Quest for a Training Partner

Krystal is extremely particular about the content used for training. She believes the content needs to be easy to understand and it needs to “speak” Home Health Aide; language and grade level appropriate with diverse characters and settings in the content. It also needs to be engaging and up-to-date.

Her biggest fear when evaluating partners was ease of use. She wasn’t sure how caregivers would adapt to a new technology. And, she didn’t want her employees to be bombarded with tech issues and support needs.

She looked into a lot of different options, but she wasn’t satisfied with any of them. Then, she received more information from and the animations caught her eye. The courses were fun and diverse, and written appropriately for Alliance Homecare’s audience. Krystal and her team decided to partner with for their training needs. 

Alliance Homecare’s Goals

  • To train a greater amount of Home Health Aides in the shortest amount of time.
  • To have a system to manage the roster and turnover and to keep track of every course each Home Health Aide took. 
  • To reduce administrative burdens by partnering with a company that acted as a thorough back office and an extension of our team.
  • To ensure content was user-friendly, up-to-date, and engaging. 

An Extension of the Team

Krystal and her team have been very impressed by In fact, she noted that stays on top of New York State’s Department of Health Guidelines, and they often come to her team to let them know about changes before they even find out. What Alliance Homecare loves most about is their awesome support team. The team handles everything and are truly an extension of the team!


Krystal-Vias“For any company looking for an online training partner, I would describe as the best decision you could make to keep your peace of mind. It’s a great platform to get caregivers trained and manage turnover. Our team can easily pull up a certificate at any time, pull completion rate data, and more. However, the team handles everything so our team members can focus more on revenue generating activities and less on training and following up with caregivers regarding completions.”

          -Krystal Vias, Director of Learning and Development, Alliance Homecare

Alliance Homecare’s Stellar Results

The results say it all! Prior to using, Alliance Homecare’s in-person training completion rates were around 40%. After using, they have seen a 90% completion rate for the entire caregiver pool for all 12 hours of required training. That is a 125% increase in completions!


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