A Year in Review: 7 Challenges with In-Service Training

Post - A Year in Review: 7 Challenges with In-Service Training

Employee training is a critically important aspect of building a successful healthcare business with competent employees. However, even after employees are trained, many employees feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential due to a lack of training and development opportunities. Throw in a global pandemic and a seismic shift to remote work, and you've got an even bleaker picture.

In 2021, the transition to remote work pressed on — and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon, with 41 percent of the workforce reporting never wanting to return to the office. Remote work isn't an option for essential caregivers. But, as more agencies are embracing remote learning, their hardworking caregivers no longer have to commute to an office to complete training, paperwork, orientation and onboarding. Keep reading to learn about the top seven challenges with in-service training for healthcare employees and how to solve them.

In-Service Training Challenges

Here is a recap of the biggest challenges with in-service employee training for healthcare employees in 2021:

1. Providing training in multiple languages

It's critical for Healthcare Agencies to have a diverse, multilingual staff to provide the right care to their patient community. But, this also brings some language barriers, because it is much easier for employees to complete onboarding and training in their native language. However, the cost to translate documents and training programs into hundreds of languages or hire on-site interpreters can be cost prohibitive. 

showd.me offers multilingual hiring, onboarding and training to all employees.

2. Getting caregivers to adopt new technology to complete training

It's no secret that the world we live in is changing fast with new technological innovations every day. In our industry, it's important to keep up with these changes to remain compliant and offer the best possible care. But, not everybody is a "techie," and getting them up to speed can seem impossible. 

✅ showd.me, offers simple, on-demand, and remote training. There isn’t even an app to download!

3. Administrative burdens of rolling out training 

Training is expensive and often involves a lot of red tape whether on-site or via live or recorded video. With fluctuating quarantine times and social distancing guidelines, it was even harder in 2021 to organize training events and ensure they met COVID-19 compliance guidelines. 

showd.me clients benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who handles all set up, and communicates directly with caregivers to roll out training. There’s no technical learning curve for admins, and it’s a very simple process.

4. Excessive follow-up needed to get caregivers to complete on time

Caregivers are already burned out and stressed out, and many are holding it together by a thread. Adding one more thing to their full plate can be a bit overwhelming, leading them to not complete their training on time or at all. 

showd.me provides full multilingual support, and follows up to ensure maximum completions  which is why we average over 90% completion rates.

5. Tracking completions and keeping compliance reports up to date

Manually tracking training completions, following up with those who are late and keeping compliance reports up-to-date is a full-time job! But for many managers, it's just one item on a multi-page to-do list. 

showd.me does the heavy lifting so healthcare organizations can focus on patient care.

6. Keeping up with training requirements 

Training requirements vary from state to state and they can change on a dime. This leads to managers not even knowing they are no longer in compliance until it's too late. 

Compliance training goes well beyond rules and regulations. The main idea is to continuously train employees, equipping them to deliver proper home care in an industry of regulated services centered around the patient's crucial needs.

showd.me creates a customized learning path for each employee to ensure they are meeting the training requirements for their state.

7. COVID-19 restrictions and concerns

Hands-on training was very challenging during the heart of the pandemic and many organizations had to move online. Organizations needed to quickly move their hiring, onboarding and training programs online. 

showd.me continues to help organizations with their hiring, training and compliance needs. In fact, employees can be up and running with their first case within a matter of hours (instead of weeks).

showd.me can help

From multilingual support to compliance training, showd.me is here to break down the barriers and create successful, informative and engaging employee training — remotely. 

In today's increasingly remote world, showd.me offers simple and effective solutions and ongoing white-glove multilingual support to transform the future of work. See how our innovative training solutions can help you increase your bottom line and improve client outcomes.


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