Time for your Employee to Complete Harassment Training

Post - Time for your Employee to Complete Harassment Training

Now is the time to make sure your employees complete their mandatory workplace harassment training for 2020.

The law passed in October of 2018 requires all employers in New York State to administer workplace harassment training to their employees every year. We know it’s only January, but we strongly recommend having your online interactive harassment training for employees by now. 

This way, all of your current employees will have already completed their required training, enabling you to focus exclusively on training new hires as you onboard them throughout the year. Your employees are already familiar with showd.me so completing their yearly training should be an easy second round.

All new hires, as well as current employees, are required to undergo mandatory harassment training and sexual harassment training.

Staying on top of your employees, making sure they complete requirements is hard enough without having to simultaneously train new recruits. Not to mention, all the work of onboarding new employees and training them in all of their new responsibilities as well as in sexual harassment training can be time-consuming and challenging without having to also provide harassment training for current employees as well. 

Here are some of the new updates:

NYS Anti-Harassment Law Updates

To ensure all of your employees complete their harassment training on time and that your company remains in compliance with New York State law, sign up for our harassment training now by replying to this email.

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