Setting Your New Hires Up for Success

Post - Setting Your New Hires Up for Success

An effective employee onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82% while improving productivity by 70%. But, only 12% of employees surveyed strongly agreed their organization did a great job of new employee onboarding — that means 88% of employees do not think their organizations provide sufficient onboarding. Successful new employee onboarding and training are key for competent, skilled, and happy employees. So, what can you do to set your new hires up for success? Keep reading to find out.

How to Set Up New Hires for Success

Follow these steps to ensure a successful onboarding process for all new hires:

Provide online training for onboarding

Finding an online training provider is essential in today’s increasingly digitized and remote world. Online onboarding allows employees to complete all related training materials on one streamlined, easy-to-access platform, on-demand, instead of dealing with mounds of paperwork and the headache of scheduling in-person training. Online onboarding also allows employees to work at their own pace and easily save the materials for future reference. 

Provide ongoing training

Effective employee training is not a one-time activity. The world moves fast, and employees must stay abreast of all industry and job-related changes in order to stay in compliance and keep processes effective and customers happy. For these reasons, it’s important to schedule training at regular intervals throughout the course of the year — not just one time when employees join the organization.

Offer support

Although in-person training has its cons, it has some pros too, mainly the fact that new employees have in-person access to managers to ask questions to when they pop up. To keep employees engaged and informed throughout training, support is essential. Make sure new employees can easily get in touch with someone to have their questions answered ASAP, whether through email, text, or live chat.

Set goals

It’s important to set goals for employees to meet regularly, and track progress to ensure they successfully meet those goals. Goals that are not clearly defined and that don’t have clear deadlines are often pushed to the wayside for a “rainy day,” and are never actually accomplished. Avoid this pitfall by setting measurable goals with specific deadlines.

Give employees resources

It’s becoming easier for employees to feel isolated as more and more offices adopt remote work. This is why you must provide new employees with all of the tools they need to succeed, including introducing them to the team, ensuring they have all of the technology they need to succeed — and that they know how to work it. Another important resource is making sure they have a way to get in touch with a manager or administrator when they run into a roadblock.

Make sure they know you have their back

Employees must be able to trust that their employers have their backs — otherwise, they’re going to find a new employer who will. This is why making sure those channels of communication are accessible, available, and open is so key. Give employees a way to reach you with feedback, questions or concerns, and respond ASAP to reach a resolution.

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