Caregiver Classes Online: 7 Advantages Of Using E-learning

Post - Caregiver Classes Online: 7 Advantages Of Using E-learning

Caregiving is no more the same as it was a few decades ago. The caregiver’s role has become more demanding of late.

And, with the number of caregivers steadily increasing, from 43.5 million in 2015 to 53 million in 2020, the need for proper training has shot up. Sadly, caregiving does not require formal training in most parts of the world. As a result, people often hire untrained, poorly skilled caregivers and sometimes regret their decision.

Proper training and upskilling (read, career courses) are crucial for two reasons:

  1. It makes the caregiver more equipped to take up bigger and better roles.
  2. People hiring caregivers can choose the right people for the right job. It may improve the caregiver’s credibility, streamline the work, and improve the patient-caregiver relationship.

Caregivers in the US mostly care for people aged 75 and above, 46% to be precise.

And a Population Reference Bureau report predicts that the number of people aged 65 and more will grow from 52 million (2018) to 95 million (2060). Hence, proper training is the need of the hour to uphold and improve the service quality of caregivers. Fortunately, caregivers and other professionals also realize the importance of training. The 2021 Workplace Learning Report by Linkedin Learning found that 59% of professionals consider upskilling and reskilling their top priorities.

When it comes to upskilling, reskilling, and training, you may wonder which mode of caregiver training is the best – online or offline. Here are a few facts to help you decide:

US$ 325 Billion – The projected size of the e-learning market by 2025.

57% – The percentage of businesses willing to shift to online training.

60% – The increase in retention rate after incorporating online training into the training plan.

42% – US organizations have claimed an increase in income due to e-learning.

218% – higher earning per employee for organizations with comprehensive training programs.

24% – Increase in profit margin for organizations with comprehensive training programs.

US$ 200 Million – The amount IBM saved for its decision to shift to e-learning.

900% – The growth of the e-learning industry since the year 2000.

Hence, at this stage, it is easy to guess that online training for caregivers is much more beneficial than offline training. Move on to learn about the top-7 advantages of e-learning and online training for caregivers. Incidentally, these are also the reasons that have prompted many top-notch caregiver providers to switch to online training for saving money and enhancing the output.

Seven Exhaustive Benefits of E-Learning For Caregivers

The following are the top-7 advantages of e-learning for caregivers:


One of the top benefits of e-learning for caregivers is that it lets the caregiver or caregiving organization save money while achieving optimal training output. Upskilling and reskilling are essential for surviving in the competitive caregiving industry. And, since quality comes at a price, caregivers or organizations often spend truckloads of money on high-quality, impactful training programs.

Online training is a win-win solution for caregivers and trainers. It facilitates the smooth transfer of information and top-notch training at a fraction of the cost of offline training. Since offline training is often resource-intensive, meaning the training firm’s logistical requirements are higher, they are typically forced to charge a higher training fee, primarily to care for the higher expenses. In contrast, online training for caregivers follows a lean model, which eliminates the logistic costs.

Online training for caregivers lets you save money on two grounds. First, since the training provider’s logistics expenses are minimal, they charge less. Second, the journey to and from the training centre consumes as much as 60% of the net training cost; online training eliminates that cost.

Hence, online home caregiver training is the best way to add a few zeroes to the end of your gross revenue while ensuring optimal results.

Easy Availability

Online training for caregivers is readily available. All you need to do is scour for the best caregiver online training provider and register your requirements. You can browse the catalogue of training programs and select the one that best fits your needs and budget. is one of the best online compliance training providers that ties up with caregivers/ caregiving organizations of all shapes and sizes and helps them scale up their caregiving operations.

Home caregiver training is available in various time durations. The course duration may range from a few days’ capsule course to a month-long exhaustive course. The right choice depends on your needs, budget, and the proficiency level of the caregivers associated with you.

Hence, one of the prime advantages of e-learning for caregivers is that they can choose from a wide range of courses across time durations and make the best choice.

E-learning is Convenient 

Online training for caregivers saves not only money but also time. Gone are the days when professionals sacrificed their training needs for fear of losing precious work hours. And, since caregiving is a time-bound and rigorous job, finding the time for training is a challenging endeavour. Hence, in yesteryears, caregiver training was easily avoided.

Online caregiver training is not only time-efficient but also convenient. Caregivers do not need to move from one place to another to attend the training program for upskilling and reskilling them. They can acquire new skills from the comfort of their workplace or home. Some training providers also offer self-paced career courses to cater to the needs of the busy workforce. A self-paced course fosters ‘anytime learning’ and provides more flexibility than traditional offline courses.

Hence, e-learning for caregivers is flexible and convenient, allowing you to upskill and reskill yourself without burning the midnight oil. All you need to possess are a smartphone or laptop/desktop and a stable internet connection.

E-Learning Has No Geographical Limitations  

Unlike brick-and-mortar institutes, caregiver online training providers are not bound by geographical limitations. Nine Lanterns surveyed Learning & Development and Human Resource professionals in the healthcare sector. They asked various questions about e-learning’s effectiveness, the reasons for choosing e-learning, and the tools they use. The results are as follows:

  • 72% – respondents admitted using e-learning to train their geographically dispersed workforce.’
  • 80% – respondents said that online mode is part of the blended curriculum.
  • 95% – respondents have used online learning in some way or the other to train caregivers.

Since online training for caregivers can be accessed from anywhere around the world, you can find the best trainers/ training courses and get yourself/your staff trained. The online mode allows you to browse the rest until you arrive at the best and get trained to improve efficiency and quality.

E-Learning Improves Understanding

Because e-learning is usually self-paced, caregivers get more time to understand the topics and test them in real life or through projects. Since caregivers often belong to several age groups, they might feel jittery in offline classes, especially when they cannot answer some questions. And, too many incorrect answers might make them feel isolated.

Online training for caregivers creates a uniform platform for every caregiver to voice their opinions. The online training sessions are supplemented with one-on-one coaching and video lectures, making caregivers comfortable voicing their opinions and learning progressively.

Hence, online caregiver training helps them harness the true benefits of e-learning and learn seamlessly.

Be At Par With Industry Standards

One of the most underrated advantages of e-learning is that it makes you at par with the best caregivers in the industry. You can learn according to your convenience, play games, perform activities, design projects, and learn the trade tricks easily.

Online training for caregivers is a continuing process if you want to. You can start with the fundamentals and scale your way up to learning advanced things the best-of-the-best caregivers do. Every time you upskill yourself with a new skill, you become a better version of yourself. Needless to say, with higher knowledge, you can be better positioned to claim higher remuneration.

Be Compliance Ready

E-learning makes reporting and compliance more convenient. You can log in to your account on the training provider’s website, check training status, and get all reports at your fingertips. You can not only assign the right caregiver to the best available training but also check their progress to take vital organizational decisions.

When you have all reports at your disposal, securing approval from the authorities becomes super-easy.

The EndNote

Now that you know the top advantages of e-learning, it’s time to try it for real and feel the difference. has established itself as a niche online training provider for caregivers. Its modern platform is your all-in-one source for on-demand e-learning, content library, quizzes, compliance tracking, and virtual classroom. Click here to learn more.

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