How Showdme Makes Employee Compliance Training More Accessible Than Ever Before

Post - How Showdme Makes Employee Compliance Training More Accessible Than Ever Before

At showdme, our first priority is ensuring your employees master the material. Everything we do is with the end-user — your employees in mind. 

We aim to help your staff not only meet compliance regulations, but become better at what they do.

Every feature, every product update, and every piece of training content we create, is guided by one simple question: “How can we help your employees most easily access and master the material?” A training software is only as good as its ability to make the information accessible to the employees using it. 

Here’s one reason why showdme has an over 90% completion rate and a 92% satisfaction rate among users: 

It’s Accessible to Everyone

People love our courses, because we break complex material down into simplified, understandable, and digestible pieces.  While most training platforms on the market create high-level courses for doctors, nurses, and lawyers, we uniquely specialize in courses that accommodate a wide variety of educational backgrounds and degrees of comfort with technology.  Our courses are accessible to all employees, from those without a high school diploma to those with a PhD, and everything in between. 

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