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Did you know it typically takes new hires eight months to get up to speed and be productive? That’s more than half a year! But, there are some simple tweaks you can make to your onboarding program to cut that time down. Keep reading to find out more.

Speeding Up New Hire Productivity

Here are some tips to help your new employees get up to speed faster:

1. Use an Online Training Platform

Online training platforms, like showd.me, allow you to train employees remotely and on-demand.

The planning, prep work, and cost of on-site onboarding and training sessions are the same — whether 20 people show up or two. Unless an agency has trainers and administrators who speak multiple languages, they may struggle to deliver training and support to non-native speakers. This is where showd.me comes in. Online training centralizes all pertinent paperwork, forms, and onboarding material, allowing new hires to complete their training in as little as a couple of hours, rather than a couple of days, weeks, or months. 

showd.me uses engaging quizzes to test knowledge along the way and a dashboard to allow managers to track the progress of new hires going through onboarding to ensure they’re keeping up and completing their training.

2. Assign Mentors to New Hires

There’s nothing worse than being a new employee who has a question — or several — with nowhere to turn. This is increasingly true in the age of remote work, as many new hires may never physically meet their co-workers and managers. This is why establishing a mentorship program is essential. Each new hire should have a mentor with whom they can feel comfortable asking questions in order to learn the workflow and understand more complicated job-related duties and topics. The mentor should check in with the employee regularly to make sure they are adjusting to their new role and on track for success.

3. Shadow Others in the Organization

In a similar vein to mentorship, shadowing is an excellent way to get employees up to speed. This allows new employees to see the inner workings of multiple departments and how different employees strategize and collaborate to get the job done. Shadowing others in the organization in different departments helps new employees see the big picture of what your company is trying to accomplish and how all pieces of the puzzle work together.

Make Sure Support Is Always Available

Employees shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, wait endlessly on hold, or have their emails never returned to have their questions answered and concerns addressed. Make sure all new hires have access to email addresses, phone numbers, and chat tools that can help them get support as soon as an issue pops up.

Celebrate Successes, Large and Small

Taking on a new role can be overwhelming and intimidating. Mistakes are bound to be made, which can often cause new hires to feel incompetent or discouraged. To avoid low morale among new employees, celebrate all successes — large and small —whether it’s a free company lunch for completing training or an email shoutout from the CEO for outstanding customer service. Celebrating all success will reinforce positive behavior, and you’ll create a motivated team of employees eager to cheer one another on.

How showd.me Can Help

showd.me provides simple and effective solutions for hiring, developing, and retaining employees remotely and on-demand. We provide custom-designed solutions for each client’s unique business challenges and needs.

See for yourself how our innovative training solutions can help you set your new hires up for success. Request a demo today to learn more.


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