Value Based Training at No Cost to You

Post - Value Based Training at No Cost to You

As you know, the Value Based Payment (VBP) program rewards home care agencies and their aides for providing higher quality  and more efficient care to their patient’s. Therefore, it is essential that your caregivers be able to identify patient’s signs and symptoms of worsening conditions. Doing so can prevent avoidable hospitalizations, and very likely save countless lives. 

To date, thousands of caregivers have taken advantage of the WIO programs offers to provide VBP training to their caregivers at no cost.

Our VBP training program highlights:

  • Training provided at no cost to your agency
  • Training courses include: Anemia, Heart Failure, Sepsis and others
  • Training is offered in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian)
  • Agencies are reimbursed for costs
  • Agencies do not need to be client to get WIO training

This training will teach your caregivers how to successfully and efficiently adopt VBP in home care. Your caregivers will walk out of the training feeling well informed on identifying specific conditions and symptoms that can improve patient outcomes. 

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