8 Compliance and Training Goals for 2022

Post - 8 Compliance and Training Goals for 2022

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to reset, reevaluate, and create new goals. Compliance training is something that will need to be followed into 2022. As the workforce continues its transition to a remote — or hybrid — workforce, there are some new compliance and training goals you should aim for.

1. Reduce administrative tasks to maintain compliance

The burden of administrative tasks is likely weighing your business down, shifting the majority of your focus away from compliance. When you reduce administrative tasks through delegation or outsourcing, your staff will reap the benefits. Here are examples of administrative tasks that your staff will no longer need to worry about after you partner with showd.me:

  • Chasing after caregivers to complete training to maintain compliance
  • Scheduling onsite courses, setting up space and hoping employees will attend
  • Tracking in-service completions and manually updating compliance reports

2. Reduce burdens on caregivers to complete training

Caregivers already have full plates. Many feel too overworked or overwhelmed to take the proper time to complete training. But, with showd.me, caregivers can complete all of their training on their own time from anywhere. They no longer have the burden of commuting to in-person training, showing up to a scheduled remote training, or coming into the office to fill out required paperwork.


3. Provide training in more languages

There are a number of benefits associated with learning in one’s native language:

  • Reduced training costs: To ensure comprehension and to avoid caregivers having to waste time re-taking training courses, provide your training in multiple languages. The longer it takes the learners to complete the training, the more the training will end up costing you.
  • Faster completion: The cost of administering your training and how long it takes to be completed go hand in hand. When caregivers complete their training on the first go because they were able to understand it easily, they finish much faster.
  • Higher productivity: Studies have found that administering training in a learner’s native language causes a significant increase in productivity and work quality. When your training courses are effectively translated, the learners are able to engage with the course material and remain focused on the subject matter rather than having to interpret and translate the material.

4. Provide more engaging training

Remote training doesn’t have to be boring! Consider these tips to engage the learner:

  • Use quizzes and polls: This interactive style gives learners fewer chances to get distracted or multitask. Instead, they must actively participate. Also, you can collect real-time data and feedback while driving engagement.
  • Get on video: Hybrid and remote work can be lonely. There’s nothing like a little face-to-face time with the team to lift everyone’s spirits and foster a stronger sense of connection. Virtual training sessions with video allow learners to learn new material from the instructor and their peers. 
  • Breakout sessions: Breakout rooms allow employees to work together and collaborate in smaller settings. Breakout sessions are extremely engaging, personable, and productive. You can even use breakout sessions for new hires to get to know one another and learn more about the company from management.

5. Provide more training to office staff

Providing ample training for your office staff to advance and develop their skills is crucial. When your office staff is fully trained, they’re better prepared to notify the appropriate person if they notice any behavior that should not be tolerated. They’ll also benefit from higher confidence, improved performance, and higher job satisfaction.

6. Improve training completion rates

Although 96% of organizations offer some kind of compliance training, many fail to achieve completion of the mandatory training. When you increase your training completion rates to over 90%, you are:

  • Validating your employees’ expertise to their peers and clients.
  • Increasing your company’s revenue potential by justifying higher billing rates.
  • Helping staff evaluate job applicants.
  • Helping staff train new hires.

7. Customize learning programs for caregivers and improve the quality of care

Caregiver training leads to improved quality of care — a critical element of caregiving. Caregivers must continue to sharpen their knowledge and skills to lead patient safety and quality improvement initiatives and deliver the very best quality of care.

Every caregiver has a different background, education, work history, and goal. For this reason, you should provide customized training based on the specific cases of each caregiver. For example, if 15% of the caregiver’s patients have dementia, and 20% have heart conditions, the caregiver’s training plan will include how to care for patients with dementia and heart conditions to ensure proper skills and patient outcomes.


8. Simplify compliance reporting

Dedicated regulatory compliance reporting solutions can automate your compliance reporting process while allowing you to:

  • Adhere to a single source of truth for every step of the compliance journey.
  • Receive better clarity and control over your data.
  • Access automated technologies to take care of mindless tasks, like data aggregation and report submission.

showd.me can help!

From multilingual support to compliance training, showd.me is here to break down the barriers and create successful, informative, and engaging employee training —  remotely. 

In today’s increasingly remote world, showed.me offers simple and effective solutions and ongoing white-glove multilingual support to transform the future of work. See how our innovative training solutions can help you increase your bottom line and improve client outcomes. Request a demo.


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