Discover What In-Service Training Options Are Available

Post - Discover What In-Service Training Options Are Available

Employee training and ongoing education are crucial in today’s highly competitive business world. 

Although slow wage growth played a role in The Great Resignation, 94% of employees say they would stay at a job longer if companies invested in their ability to learn and develop. Building a team that is well-trained, productive, and motivated will make employees perform their best. They’ll be proud to be a part of your company’s team — a company that invests in it’s employees. 

This is reflected in what Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

The most competitive companies will invest in skill-building and compliance training this year. Implementing a learning culture is a long-term investment. The more you invest in team learning, the more productive and capable your employees will be. This approach benefits everyone — the company, the client/customer, and the employee. 

So, what are your options?

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There are certain benefits associated with in-person training, especially if you have a small team. This method can help train employees while acting as a team-building exercise and provide hands-on experience when applicable. Also, some individuals benefit from this learning style, as they can ask questions as they arise. 

The major downside is that in-person training is time intensive and costly. Also, the emerging workforce prefers a digital approach, as many in-person training options are out-of-date and do not provide the level of flexibility needed in today’s fast-paced work environment. 


Online training cannot be matched concerning flexibility. For those working remotely or for those unable to attend in-person training sessions, as seen during the recent pandemic, online training provides a comprehensive solution. Training sessions are structured, yet employees can complete courses and sessions around their own schedules. Furthermore, online training is highly cost-effective. 

Even healthcare workers can benefit from human-centric, digital learning. Workers can begin, pause, and resume training with ease. 


Many companies are taking a hybrid approach, offering online training with the option to meet in person to discuss key concepts — or put concepts into practice. This approach is ideal for select industries that require both conceptual knowledge and hands-on training. Online training can provide the required coursework, while in-person training can help employees execute what they’ve learned. 

Many online training services offer additional features such as chatbots to address frequently asked questions with advancing technology. 

Online Training Providers 

Research shows that by 2026, the online learning industry for corporate companies will grow by 250%. These figures show that if you’re not considering the value of online learning, you may be left behind. 

It’s critical to invest in the best training, and to focus on the power of combined assessments, analytics, and learning tools. But, the most important aspects to consider are ease of use and customer support. If your employees find the new technology simple, and if they can reach out for support, your online training program will be successful. provides simple and effective solutions for hiring, developing and retaining employees remotely and on-demand. designs customized solutions for each client’s unique business challenges and oversees the entire processes to ensure maximum success and compliance. customers receive ongoing white glove multilingual support via text, chat or email.

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