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Tip #4 about retention

Tip #4: Offer Competitive Compensation

With companies like Target and Amazon increasing their minimum wage, home care agencies have found that they are losing caregivers to other industries. In order to retain caregivers, there has to be an adjustment in pay so that it can be more competitive.

Compensation looks different than just salary, as well. Caregivers also could be compensated for their travel time. Some agencies are required to do so by law, but others have started doing it on their own accord.


In a survey done by CareerPlug, it was found that caregivers are making little to no money because they are spending their wages on non-reimbursed travel to and from their destinations. It is normal to have a commute to work, but caregivers are constantly driving from place to place and that can add up quickly.

Also, investing in a benefits and payroll solution, like the one offered by, can provide a spectrum of advantages. These advantages include having a centralized, easy to access hub to review benefits, a personalized dashboard to help better understand the benefits, and support staff that can answer questions. 

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