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Tip #2 about retention

Tip #2: Create Clear Lines of Communication

One of the top complaints from caregivers is the lack of communication from their agency. Caregivers can become overworked and burnt out and will not speak to anyone to ask for help.

Creating an open and honest work environment with clear communication channels will ensure that caregivers have a greater job satisfaction. Included with this, it is important to have office staff that are excellent at dealing with caregivers and communicating with management about what the caregivers need for success. 

When a caregiver isn’t the first point of contact for clients, it is critical that the office staff relay any information as quickly as possible. In addition, regularly asking for feedback from caregiver team members is vital in establishing communication channels.


Agencies should be quick to respond to any feedback or concerns because being slow to respond sends the message to caregivers that they are not valued. Sometimes, caregivers may be apprehensive to share their feedback directly with management, so offering an anonymous feedback option will capture views and concerns. Asking for comments and concerns gives management the opportunity to look at what the caregivers value and what motivates/incentives them.

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