Introducing Our New Benefits and Payroll Solution

Post - Introducing Our New Benefits and Payroll Solution

Introducing our new payroll and benefits solution

Without your care team, your organization cannot provide quality care — which is why you need to invest in their job satisfaction. Recent data shows that the top three drivers of job satisfaction include respectful treatment, pay, and benefits. 

So, when it comes to payroll and benefits, why not increase transparency and support? Your team of caregivers will appreciate your efforts to make it as easy as possible to learn about the benefits programs so that they can easily enroll and participate. 

If you seek a more engaging, frictionless benefits and payroll solution for your skilled nursing facility or home care industry, can help. Here’s what you need to know, plus how to get started. 

A Solution for Skilled Nursing and Home Care Facilities

Operating a home care agency or skilled nursing facility involves many moving parts. Although your primary focus may be caring for patients, so much goes on behind the scenes. It’s exhausting, stressful, and resource-intensive. 

Whether it be onboarding and training or payroll, healthcare organizations spend countless hours on administrative tasks, and then there is the issue of remaining compliant at all times. It’s challenging to juggle all these tasks while ensuring your team’s job satisfaction — not to mention the daily tasks associated with patient care and revenue-generating activities. 

If you’re thinking, there has to be a better way. There is. 

Investing in a ‘benefits and payroll’ solution, such as the one offered by, provides a spectrum of advantages, including:

  • A centralized, easy-to-access hub, allowing aides to review their benefits on their own time. 
  • A personalized dashboard to help them better understand their benefits.
  • A reduction in administrative burden, as aides will be able to successfully log in so that they can enroll, make edits, or learn more without needing to seek in-office support.
  • When aides have questions, they can reach out to’s multilingual support team via phone, text, or chat. 
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction, which benefits the entire organization. 

If you seek a solution that ensures your skilled nursing facility or home care agency remains compliant while boosting productivity, this is it. Your staff will appreciate the level of transparency and support while your organization benefits from lower in-service costs and greater peace of mind. 

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More on This New Benefits and Payroll Solution 

When you sign up for benefits and payroll through, employees can easily view all necessary information, including payroll, health, transit, and benefits. All of this information is accessed in one centralized location. 

Among current users, over 90% report positive feedback. 

  • Agencies and facilities can reduce in-service costs by up to 80%
  • When comparing in-office and in-service online, 92% of caregivers prefer the latter 
  • This solution is 100% stress-free, allowing you to focus on patients

Get Started Today

When you partner with, you will gain the training, onboarding, and compliance support you seek. Our easy-to-use platform will help boost engagement and retention while optimizing your organization’s most precious resources. 

Ready to learn more? Request a demo today!

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