Customer Feature Story: Rockaway Home Care

Testimonial - Customer Feature Story: Rockaway Home Care

Rockaway testimonial

Discover how Rockaway Home Care was able to increase their hiring during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Rockaway Home Care logoChallenge: Rockaway Home Care has been using as their online training provider since
2017. When their COO Pinny Faska approached us at the onset of the pandemic they were turning
away cases because they couldn’t staff them quickly enough. They were still receiving caregiver
applications but with offices closed and limited staff they weren’t getting enough of them through
orientation & onboarding. So designed a solution.

Solution: replicated their Orientation & Onboarding process and moved it online:
video training, forms (w-4, payroll, etc.), handbook, and e-sign docs, so applicants could quickly
and easily complete everything in one place and be ready for a case within hours rather than days,

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“Because people could do it right away from the comfort of their
homes we were able to get more caregivers through the process…
and faster than ever before. Very simple, it just works.”

-Pinny Faska, COO, Rockaway Home Care

Now that the Rockaway offices are open again, they will continue to use for Orientation
& Onboarding, giving the option to complete from home or in the office on one of their tablets.
“It wouldn’t make sense to go back to scheduling classes when they can complete everything as
soon as they’re ready. We were missing opportunities in 2019 and we didn’t during the pandemic
because of”

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