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An intro to caregiver recruiting

The homecare industry is facing a crisis: caregivers are in short supply and high demand.

The home health care sector is projected to add about 1.2 million jobs by the year 2030, which makes it one of the fastest growing occupations.


One of the biggest challenges home care agencies face is hiring and recruiting top talent in order to achieve an adequate number of qualified caregivers. In the wake of COVID-19, agencies around the country are reporting that caregiver applications are down. The ones who do end up applying, don't make it through the onboarding and orientation steps. In the past year, 68% of all caregivers took over a week to complete their orientation and onboarding.

During that time, they most likely took another job. So, home care agencies are still struggling with low recruitment and retention rates. Home health caregivers consist of both clinical and non-clinical workers. Caregivers see multiple patients a day or week and not only do they assist the patients, but they also monitor and document the interaction. This can be extremely time consuming and lead to potential errors that take time away from the patient.

You may ask yourself, why is it so difficult to hire and keep caregivers when there is such a high demand for the position? Well, the answer is simple. There are thousands of home care agencies across the country and prospective caregivers look for the agency that will offer the best incentives and training to set them up for success. How can you make your agency more appealing to caregivers? Keep reading to find out.

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