E-training for home care providers is here.

Welcome to showd.me, an innovative, digital platform that allows employers to offer orientation and in-service training to home care providers with minimal time and expense.

A more cost effective and efficient method than traditional classroom learning, our user-friendly tools provide a convenient alternative to educate new hires for organizations of any size.

Online conferencing & E-learning.

Train effectively, communicate effortlessly. Showd.me’s unique learning platform incorporates a variety of educational and collaborative mediums.


User-friendly course administration.

Coordinators and RNs have the ability to easily create and share course material, administer timed examinations and monitor student progress throughout certification.

State compliant tracking and reporting.

showd.me offers a monitored and trackable certification pathway to home healthcare professionals, compliant with all training regulations required by the state.


Multiple languages & content types.

You’ll have access to a training platform packed with useful teaching tools and features, all available in a multitude of languages to ensure an effective learning experience.

How much is in-service certification costing your business?

Traditional classroom training is inconvenient for everyone.

Scheduling and completing classroom certification for new employees requires significant time and resources, creating additional work for home healthcare providers and their employers.

Classroom certification comes with a lot of extra, unnecessary costs.

Whether you’re paying for facility use or reimbursing your employees for their time, the additional costs of traditional certification add up quick.

There's a lot of extra work for coordinators and RN's, too.

In the traditional setting, teaching new home care specialists requires trainers to commit significant capital to effectively administer the certification process.

Traditional training is a hassle.

With showd.me, you'll discover an innovative platform to certify home healthcare professionals in your state, all at significantly less cost.

Learn more, spend less.

showd.me was developed to achieve one goal: provide organizations with a user-friendly, compliant platform to navigate the certification process with minimal cost, time and effort.


Course creation and registration is easy and simple on our system, allowing RN’s and coordinators to intuitively manage the training and certification process within a variety of content types.


With showd.me’s unique training platform, course leaders can quickly create timed exams and quizzes, with participant results automatically recorded in a user-friendly database.


Drag and drop functionality enables users to share content and make it immediately searchable, ensuring the right learning material is always just a click away.


Password protected, secure, and customizable, showd.me provides simple but efficient control options to configure participant access privileges throughout the platform.


showd.me delivers content, updates and notifications to your participant’s inbox, ensuring important announcements and course materials get where they need to go.


Within the platform, user hours and progress results can be searched and filtered by multiple factors, allowing department officials to access and print employee records with ease.


Built to foster collaboration, showd.me includes features like in-app messaging and calendar integration, as well as user synchronization within popular Google Apps.


showd.me was designed with the need for custom integrations in mind, and most of our features can be easily integrated into existing third party applications, platforms and intranets.

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