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Once the proper candidate has been hired, it is important for agencies to drive job satisfaction and ultimately increase employee retention. One thing that can be done to retain new caregivers is to evaluate why former caregivers left.

Providing an exit survey or interview can provide valuable insight on the caregiver’s perspective of the agency. This way, the agency can implement employee retention strategies based on what they need to improve. In order to prevent new employees from leaving an agency, there should be methods for success set up from the start. 


Onboarding and Orientation

An effective onboarding process will help new hires feel more valued, better understand their role, and increase their productivity and performance. Onboarding and orientation should educate the new caregivers not only about their job, but also about the agency culture. The training the agency provides on day one will set the tone for the caregiver’s entire tenure at the agency. This training can be done either in person or online.

Wellness Offerings

In addition to these tips, wellness offerings are a great way to retain caregivers. Caring for patients is a physically and emotionally demanding job, so allowing caregivers to feel supported will increase job satisfaction. Offering stress management programs or reimbursement for fitness classes are a few things agencies can consider providing their caregivers. As a part of making sure caregivers feel supported, offering the opportunity for them to learn new skills is a way to help caregivers continue their professional growth. Making sure training is expanding beyond the onboarding and orientation phase ensures that caregivers will continually advance their professional development. 

Recognition and Reward Programs

Implementing a recognition and reward program can express the agency’s gratitude for their caregivers. Recognition helps caregivers see that their respective agency values them and their contributions to the patient’s care and the agency overall. There is the opportunity to create a formal rewards system with gift cards or cash prizes, and there is also the opportunity to institute recognition programs.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance can effectively help caregivers manage their work and home lives. Subsequently, this gives them enough time to concentrate on both. Helping caregivers maintain this balance shows that the agency values their well being and will make them more likely to stay with the agency in the future. 

Schedule Performance Reviews

Performance evaluations allow for an overall assessment that can help agencies analyze each caregiver’s efforts. Caregivers learn what their key strengths are and where they should focus their development efforts. This is also a great way for caregivers to grow into their roles. Meeting on a periodic basis to discuss strengths and weaknesses can help them continue to advance with the company. Offering positive feedback during these evaluations can help caregivers feel more satisfied with their work. If the budget allows, using the performance reviews as an opportunity for caregivers to receive raises or bonuses can help increase productivity and retention. 

Offering Flexibility

Flexibility offers several advantages for both the caregiver and the agency. For agencies, it means increased employee retention, loyalty, productivity, and engagement. Offering paid time off, vacation days, and unlimited sick days are a few ways that agencies can provide a flexible work schedule to caregivers. Allowing caregivers the flexibility to take time off when needed can allow them to be more efficient and productive. A flexible work environment is a sought after quality that many caregivers appreciate.

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