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Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

Excelsior Care Group

Customer Testimonial Video: Excelsior Care Group

In this video, Miriam Farkas, Regional Director of Clinical Services at Excelsior Care Group, discusses the benefits of working with ...
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Audacia Customer Story

Customer Feature Story: The Audacia Foundation, Inc.

Discover How The Audacia Foundation, Inc. Achieved Tremendous Growth, including 30,000+ Voluntary Training Completions. The team connected with Effie ...
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Alliance Homecare testimonial

Customer Feature Story: Alliance Homecare

Discover How Alliance Homecare Optimized Their Training Program and Increased Their Completion Rates by 125%. The team recently connected ...
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Rockaway testimonial

Customer Feature Story: Rockaway Home Care

Discover how Rockaway Home Care was able to increase their hiring during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Challenge: Rockaway Home Care has ...
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