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Preferred Home Care Of New York Streamlines Onboarding, Increases New Hires By 33% With Showdme

Preferred Home Care

About Preferred Home Care of New York, a Help At Home© Company

Founded in 2007, Preferred Home Care Of New York, a Help At Home Company, is one of the largest licensed home care agencies in New York. Their 7000+ certified aides serve over 40,000 clients across 14 counties and multiple languages.

The Challenge

As an ever-growing organization, Preferred Home Care onboarded an estimated 200 applicants per month. However, managing this process internally and in person was time-consuming for both their administrative staff and their caregivers.

Language barriers and complex forms often required applicants to come to the office multiple times for assistance. And this inefficient process made it difficult to hire at scale.

The Solution

Today, qualified applicants are directly enrolled in the onboarding process using showdme’s onboarding and orientation services. This fully managed service allows Preferred Home Care to move its onboarding process online.

Multilingual forms, informative tool tips, and end-user support assist potential hires in completing essential new hire information and documentation faster than ever before.

As a result, showdme helps Preferred Home Care save valuable time for both their administrative staff and their caregivers, while also allowing them to increase new hires by 33%.

The Results


Increase In New Hires


Completion Rate



Avg. Caregiver Turnaround Time Post Enrollment

Working with showdme has given us a huge opportunity to increase new hires, while also saving time for our admins, nurses, and caregivers. The system is easy for new hires to navigate and allows them to complete onboarding in their language and on their own time. I would highly recommend showdme’s onboarding and orientation services to any provider.

Vazira Turakulova, Human Resources Administrator

Preferred Home Care Of New York

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