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Avi Singer

Compliance Training Docs

How to Combat the Challenge of Compliance Training in Home Health Care

Compliance training is an essential part of a home health care organization. Your caregivers deal with patient's personal health information ...
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What is the Future of Compliance Training?

Compliance training is an evolving topic. Proper training is a pivotal part of any successful business. As times change, it ...
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how to overcome onboarding challenges

How to Overcome the 4 Most Common Onboarding Challenges

Onboarding is the process of introducing and integrating a newly hired employee into an organization. It has gained popularity only ...
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The Importance of Workplace Safety and Anti Harassment

The Importance of Workplace Safety and Anti-Harassment Training

Making sure employees feel safe and protected by employers in the workplace should be a company’s first priority. However, not ...
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sexual harassment training form

Top 3 Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training for Your Business

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that may require immediate attention within your company.  Data shows that ...
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working remotely

Discover What In-Service Training Options Are Available

Employee training and ongoing education are crucial in today’s highly competitive business world.  Although slow wage growth played a role ...
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The Secret to Hiring and Retaining Case Workers During Unprecedented Times

Hiring and retaining healthcare workers was hard even before the COVID-19 pandemic. But, by the end of 2021, at least ...
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Rockaway Home Care Sees 60% Increase In New Hires During Pandemic With Showdme

See how showdme helped Rockaway Home Care replicate and move its existing onboarding process online, eliminating the need for in-person ...
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