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Amari Herring


Amari Herring

Behind the scenes at

Behind the Scenes at The Customer Success Team

Evaluating a new technology involves a lot of considerations. Once you secure team buy-in, you move into the implementation and ...
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relias vs healthstream

Solution Showdown: Relias vs. Healthstream

If you’re looking for a new compliance training platform, it’s important to shop around to find the solution that aligns ...
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Happy home health aides

Here’s How To Bring Out The Best In Your New Hire

Hiring is difficult enough, but what about employee onboarding? HR experts say orientation is the key to success. After all, ...
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Illustration of interactive e-learning

The Top Benefits of Interactive E-Learning

Whether your goal is to boost productivity, cut costs, improve retention rates, or all of the above, interactive e-learning ticks ...
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Speed to Productivity

Did you know it typically takes new hires eight months to get up to speed and be productive? That’s more ...
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