Behind the Scenes at The Customer Success Team

Post - Behind the Scenes at The Customer Success Team

Evaluating a new technology involves a lot of considerations. Once you secure team buy-in, you move into the implementation and onboarding process. It’s important to have access to support so that the implementation runs smoothly, team members fully adopt the new technology, and you can start to realize a positive ROI (return on investment).

At, our Customer Success Team works with each client to ensure that their specific needs are met. Whether it is setting up their training, ensuring completion, end user technical assistance, or administrative reports, the Customer Success Team at is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about how the Customer Success Team creates happy client relationships every day!

Every member of the Customer Success Team has a true passion for customer service. Team members enjoy knowing that’s services are helping companies provide the best training to their employees. “White glove service” is how the team describes their approach. Daniel Lieberman, the Director of Client Success at stated that “we want to make sure we learn exactly what our customers’ needs are, and then cater specifically to that.” Each client that signs on with is given specialized services that were curated just for them.

In comparison to other similar companies, sets the standard for customer service. Other companies utilize their customer service team as a means for clients to reach out solely if they ever need any support.’s customer success team reaches out proactively to all end-users, and provides ongoing multilingual support. They communicate with the clients every step of the way. They keep the relationship flourishing with regular check-ins and by forming an open door policy where clients can reach out at any time, for anything. They take the burden off of the client by applying updates, setting up the training, and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Clients of say that the customer service aspect of the company is the best part of being a client. The ability to have a person that is willing to dedicate time to your team’s success is unmatched. When asked, the Customer Success Team members said that being able to help their clients give the best services to their customers is the most rewarding aspect of their job. For the healthcare industry, the training these employees receive is critical to their patient’s health. So, ensuring that’s clients are receiving the best training possible is what the Customer Success Team is all about.

Partnering with will set your company up for success. Thank you to the Customer Success Team for all you do to ensure that our clients are taken care of!

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