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Compliance training refers to how employees are expected to act, treat others and be treated in the workplace. Compliance stretches back to 1908 and the creation of U.S. Labor Laws and The Federal Employers Liability Act. Here’s a brief history of what came next:

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The Social Security Act also talks about compliance and ethics. For example, Section 1128I is centered around skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid. Some of the components from the section include:

  • Compliance and ethics programs are reasonably designed, implemented and enforced programs aimed at preventing and detecting violations that are criminal, civil and administrative, including standards and procedures that employees and other agents must follow.
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  • Specific high-level personnel must be given the responsibility of overseeing compliance as well as having sufficient resources to ensure compliance is carried out.
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  • The organization must take the proper steps to effectively communicate its standards to all staff members, including requiring employees to participate in healthcare compliance training programs.
  • The organization must take sufficient steps to achieve compliance, including the use of monitoring and auditing.
  • The compliance standards must be consistently enforced via disciplinary mechanisms that are reasonable and appropriate.
  • Once an offense is detected, the organization must take all reasonable steps to respond to the issue appropriately.
  • Organizations must periodically reassess their compliance program to identify any needed changes — and make them.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also provides healthcare compliance guidance. For instance, Chapter 11 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual discusses procedures and contract requirements and states that organizations must commit to compliance, integrity and ethical values as illustrated in compliance plans.

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