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The good news is that you don’t need a massive budget to start designing and implementing a compliance training program. There are plenty of free resources and tools from the OIG and CMS to help you craft your compliance plan.

You should do your research to find a healthcare compliance training service that will effectively put together a comprehensive training program for you.

You’ll want to make sure that all seven core elements of compliance are addressed in your compliance training plan. And, you’ll need to review the plan every year to ensure you are continually meeting your benchmarks and incorporating new laws and regulations.


Topics you should cover in your healthcare compliance training program include:

  • HIPAA: All employees who deal with protected health information (PHI) must be trained in HIPAA so they can understand patients’ rights and how HIPAA applies.
  • OSHA: All U.S. employers are required to meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. There are unique hazards present in medical environments that OSHA provides standards for, including pathogens and globally harmonized systems.
  • Fraud Waste and Abuse and General Compliance: Commonly referred to as CMS training since Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan sponsors and Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plan set certain compliance requirements. What’s more, providers are required to document employee education and training about federal fraud waste and abuse laws in addition to the core components of their compliance and ethics program.

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